The best fabrics are the basis of good clothing. But which one should you choose? They all have different properties in terms of comfort, fit and durability. Whilst function is important, how fabrics fit, fall and ensure are all vital.

It’s best to take your favorite things and see what they are made of. Here is a brief overview of the most common materials and where they are used. So the next time you look at a new item of clothing in a store, you will know which are the best fabrics to purchase!


Cotton is very pleasant on the skin, hard-wearing and easy to care for. Cotton is an all-round material that can be used to make pretty much anything, be it socks, shirts, pants or jackets. Laundry is also often made of cotton or has a high percentage of cotton – because the breathable material absorbs moisture well. It is also suitable for allergy sufferers. Garments made of seersucker fabric lie wonderfully light on and are therefore particularly suitable for summer clothing and shirts. The reason for this is the unusual weave. Cotton, silk or blends are woven in a three-dimensional way. As a result, the garments do not have full body contact and allow better air circulation. 


Fabrics made from wool differ, of course, according to the type of animal from whose wool they are made. What all types of wool have in common, however, is that they keep you warm, breathable and repel dirt well. Wool linen is another type of material. It is a wonderful, high-strength and yet airy, skin-friendly material and, last but not least, lint-free linen! This is used for summer clothing such as pants, shirts or light suits. The fabric also consists of elegant vests and of course traditional costumes, jackets as well as vests and traditional shirts.  You have also probably heard of cashmere. This material is luxurious and plush. A cashmere cardigan can look classy and sophisticated.

Linen silk

One of the highest quality and finest animal fibers is silk. Extremely light and yet stable, fabrics made of silk fibers are skin-friendly, breathable and simply elegant and beautiful with their fine shimmer. You will find silk ties as well as other items of clothing in which silk is processed. For example, as an inner lining in a jacket. 


These “stretchy” clothing garments are a popular choice for many people! It is perfect for those who want a comfy, easy wear that also holds them in nicely. For example, waistbands adapt to the shape of the wearer without being restrictive. Therefore, they are particularly comfortable to wear. 


Viscose fibers are often contained in mixtures, but there are also best fabrics that consist entirely of synthetic fibers. The skin-friendly, breathable material comes close to silk in its appearance, and it is used for trousers, shirts, T-shirts and as inner lining. Viscose polyester is one of the oldest synthetic fibers and is also one of the most popular. Fabrics made of polyester or with an admixture of it are very easy to care for, dimensionally stable and hard-wearing. They also retain body heat very well.