A home renovation has a lot to answer for! Sure, you get a brand new room from the conversion or you get an extension on the side of your house that gives you a lot of lovely new space.

However, you now have to settle back in, clean up, and try to take care of your home renovation investment. It’s a lot of work after all the work you’ve done already! So if you’re in need of a bit of help right now, we’ve got a few tips to check out down below. 

Do a Spring Clean

A spring clean doesn’t only happen in spring! It’s the kind of deep clean you can do any time of the year to ensure your house is working well, feels good, and is hygienic enough for all the family. And after the work of a home renovation, you’re going to want to clean like never before!

Buy your supplies in bulk. You’ll want as many reusable items as possible, such as microfiber cloths and slim brushes, as well as scrub wipes, wall and floor soap, and some fabric cleaner that’s easy to apply. You don’t want to waste your energy here, but if you’ve got a few new stains to deal with, get them soaped up now before they really settle in. 

Hire a Dumpster

To help with your house-wide clean up, make sure you hire a dumpster so you can get it all out at once. Get on the phone to a company like Zenith Dumpsters, get a dumpster delivered to your house as soon as possible, and then get to work. 

Bag things up and toss it all in, use this opportunity to get rid of any broken furniture or stuff that doesn’t fit your new layout, and give yourself a good weekend to work all through it. 

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Have a Good Rest

Make sure you do this after you’ve had your spring clean, otherwise you’ll pull the cover off the sofa, collapse on it, and then never get up again! So you’ll want to make sure you get the bulk of the tidying up done – you’ll rest much better knowing you’ve conquered half the mountain already. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Messy!

Now you’ve done the bulk clean, and you’re able to sit down and enjoy your new kitchen and living room combi space, or you’ve built yourself a new dining room and you want to have your first meal in there, make a mess again. Yes really, make a mess

The kind of mess you find ‘liveable’, but makes your home feel like yours. This will help you settle into the space far faster, and if you put things out of place or drop things on the floor, you won’t be afraid to lose the organised look you’ve got post-renovation. 

If you want to get back to normal after making changes to your home, tidy up and then throw your stuff around again, just like you always would!

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Photo by Inside Weather on Unsplash