To make a home greener, you should make upgrades inside, right? Actually, if you really want to create a home that’s kind to the environment, you should start by thinking about the exterior upgrades.

Exterior upgrades have the potential to make the whole home more sustainable. The right home updates that will help to improve the overall carbon footprint of your property. Both big and small projects are available to help you make your home greener than ever. Try these upgrades for a better home without a negative environmental impact.

Update Your Roof

The roof on any building makes a huge difference to its energy-efficiency and its insulation too. A poor roof could leak a lot of heat and energy, as well as have an effect on the structure of the property. If you want to install an efficient roof, an all metal roof is a good option.

Not only are metal roofs energy efficient but they’re also inexpensive and great for the overall integrity of the home. They’re durable too, so you can guarantee a metal roof will last. A new roof can be needed as often as every few decades.

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Installing Renewable Energy

Renewable energy can make any property a whole lot more eco-friendly. And when you’re looking at exterior improvements, methods for generating energy are definitely worth considering. Solar panels, for example, are easy to install on your roof or anywhere you might have space. Ground and air pumps are also an option that you might consider.

Some people who have space might even think about installing a wind turbine. Of course, installing renewable energy technology does mean you have to think about what to add inside the home to process and store the energy.

Native Landscaping

Use native plants and materials to make landscaping more eco-friendly and sustainable. When you have native plants, they don’t require as much care from you. They should be able to flourish more easily on their own without help from extra water or chemicals, making them pretty low-maintenance.

It also helps to replenish and restore native habitats, which is great for the environment. You could also consider installing a pond or another natural water feature if you want to encourage more biodiversity in your landscaping.

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Saving Energy and Water Outdoors

Finding ways to save energy and water outdoors will help you update your home exterior in an eco-friendly way. It can be fairly easy to start saving energy by doing things like installing LED lighting or using motion-sensor security lights. When it comes to saving water, being smart with your use of sprinklers and hoses will help. Some people opt for more natural methods of watering their plants, including using irrigation to make the most of rainfall or collecting rainwater.

Make your home more eco-friendly with the best exterior upgrades to save energy and water, and create a sustainable property.

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