Being able to move your body and work it out is an exciting thing to do if you are capable of doing it. Workouts don’t have to be sweaty or fast-paced, and they don’t have to make you feel like you’re in pain either.

A workout is supposed to make you feel good about your body. It’s not supposed to leave you feeling as if you never want to see the inside of a gym again. 

The thing is, most people think about workouts and they think about high intensity and high impact workouts like HIIT workouts or running. But it doesn’t have to just be that way. You can move your body in plenty of gentle ways and still have the same benefits of that workout. Let’s take a look at how you can do that below.

Image source: Pexels

  • Tai Chi. Tai chi involves a series of slow movements rather than hard paced movements, it’s an ancient ancient martial art that originated in China, but it’s often Practiced because of its slow, meditative movements. With natural circular movement and a focus on keeping the muscles relaxed. The joints never really bend or fully extend in Tai Chi. So for older people or those who are going through rehab, it’s an excellent way to work out without injury. There are different styles of Tai chi depending on where you are learning, but the basic principles are founded on Taoism, a Chinese philosophy emphasizing harmony and balance of body and mind together.

  • Yoga. We all know the ancient practice of yoga and its origination in India around 3000 BC. Modern yoga is not quite the same as the original form, but there are many different ways to enjoy yoga. The styles are grounded in physical postures and the movement of the body Works with the mines to maintain a sense of calm focus. Yoga is an excellent option for those who are looking for a gentler form of exercise that combines breathing, meditation and holding poses and therefore working the muscles of the body.

  • Fitness programmes. There are plenty of fitness programs that have been adapted for a gentle exercise experience, such as Aqua aerobics or even swimming in general.gentle exercise programs are involving music movement and coordination and using equipment in a gym environment. These don’t often have to be high impact movements but enough to keep your body feeling supple and strong.

  • Feldenkrais. This is less a form of exercise, but more of an exercise therapy that embraces mindfulness. The emphasis is on mindful movement and posture, as well as breeding. Similarly to yoga, it benefits all ages and all fitness levels, and those who would like to learn it are encouraged to do so after injury or for rehabilitation purposes.

Moving your body in a gentle manner will still reveal the same results as long as you are making sure that your heart rate stays up throughout and you are focusing your body and your mind in the same place.