When it comes to home maintenance, your garden is often ignored in favor of interior projects. However, whether you’re trying to increase the value of your home or hosting a dinner party – there are many benefits associated with showing this space some TLC! 

After all, the nicer your garden is, the more inclined you’ll be to spend time outside – which is good for both your physical and mental health. For example, not only can it reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, but one study found that “just 30 minutes of outdoor time could lower blood pressure by almost 10%.” 

Photo by Ignacio Correia 🟢 on Unsplash

With that in mind, here are four easy ways to upgrade your garden! 

Repaint fences & furniture. 

Repainting your fences or garden furniture is an easy yet effective way to brighten up your garden. Furthermore, it’s also a great way to introduce more bright colors into the space, so don’t feel you have to stick to traditional or muted colors. For example, painting your fence white makes the space feel lighter, brighter, and bigger while also providing the perfect backdrop to your flowers! 

Upgrade your decking.

As your deck is constantly exposed to the elements, be that wind or rain, it’s an area that you must work hard to maintain. Otherwise, it could begin to rot or fall apart. As such, upgrading your deck, such as by installing a deck extension, is a great way to maximize your outdoor space. 

After all, it means you have a shady place to sit when the sun is shining too brightly. This space can be used to host drinks and dinner parties or as a lovely reading corner – the choices are endless. 

Photo by Jean Carlo Emer on Unsplash

Show your plants some love. 

Whether you consider yourself to be something of a green thumb or are a known house-plant killer, focusing on garden management is another straightforward way to upgrade your garden. 

After all, this means that your outdoor space looks neat and well-maintained instead of overgrown and wild. As such, you should put together a garden maintenance schedule and ensure you stick to it, working through daily, weekly, or monthly duties. 


  • Water your plants/flowers.


  • Pull weeds
  • Water lower-maintenance plants 
  • Clean up debris 


  • Mow your lawn
  • Check irrigation systems 

If you find it hard to keep your garden in order, focus on plants and flowers that are known for being low-maintenance, as they tend to be the most well-suited to beginners.

Hire a gardener. 

Of course, if you’re contending with a busy schedule, it may feel like there’s simply not enough time in the day to spend gardening. In these cases, you may want to consider bringing an expert to do the (quite literally) dirty work for you. This way, you can still enjoy these spaces without thinking about all the work you have to do on them! 

While this is an additional expense, it’s definitely worthwhile if it enables you to make the most of your garden – especially if you spend the majority of your day indoors.

Header Image – Giulia Squillance – https://unsplash.com/@giuliasq