If you’re a homeowner who’s responsible for fixing up your own place, maintenance jobs probably take up a good portion of your time. But what if you could get through them all in the space of a day every single month?

That would save you a lot of hours, wouldn’t it? Well, we’ve got some good news. The list below is a checklist for the most important monthly maintenance jobs to go through – follow it when you’re tired of lugging a toolbox around!

Pexels Image – CC0 Licence

Are the Pipes Blocked?

You won’t know until the toilet or shower starts backing up! But if you want to double check on the current state of the plumbing in your house, keep an eye on the way water drains away, You should also double check if there’s a bad smell coming from anywhere – this is usually a deeper, underground sewer pipe issue! Pipes are thankfully quite easy to unblock, but checking once a month on their general stability is usually best. Catch the problem before it turns into a full blown flood. 

How is the Boiler Performing?

If you’ve got a boiler in your property, getting it checked on a regular basis could very well save your home and all its contents. Otherwise you may need to call out for emergency gas repairs, and that can be very expensive, especially if you need someone to come round within the next 2 to 3 hours. Be proactive here. Make sure your boiler is operating at its top capacity and isn’t showing troublesome signs. 

Are Any Wires Fraying?

If they are, there could be a fire in the near future. Go round your house once a month and see if any wires are in bad condition. Wires from the TV, any consoles, your kitchen equipment, items like straighteners etc., could all be potential hazards if you decide to use them when they’re frayed. Conduct a general audit on a regular basis, but as soon as you notice a wire’s gone a bit bad, patch it up or throw it away – it’s not all that safe to use! 

Is the Garden Collecting Waste?

If it is, and it tends to collect fast, take some time clearing it once a month. This will prevent the debris from building up and becoming unmanageable – the more you focus on keeping the garden neat and tidy, the better the plants will grow as well.

A bit of waste from offcuts and leaves is fine, but you never know when your outdoor drains are going to get blocked from the winds blowing this stuff all over the place. To prevent this from ever becoming a problem, use this tip as your solution to try to keep your outdoor area safe. 

If you need a home checklist to go through, we’ve got one ready made right here for you! Monthly maintenance jobs shouldn’t go unchecked, and you should prioritise when it comes down to it. Be proactive for the best results.