You probably haven’t thought much about interior design for schools. However, most schools have outdated interior and exterior designs that make the school look boring. So why does this even matter?

The appearance of a school can go a long way in boosting students’ moods and overall performance. This is because most students are often visual and want to be associated with cool things and places. Therefore, interior design for schools is very important.

If they can feel comfortable at school, this can significantly impact their overall performance and well-being. Besides, creative interior design concepts set students up for success and enable student engagement.

Here are a few tips you can use to enhance the interior design for schools to create teaching and learning environments that teachers and students will love.

Upgrade Your Furniture

It would be best to invest in new and flexible furniture for your institution. Furnishing your classrooms can significantly influence the way students learn and interact with each other and their teachers.

It may be time to ditch the traditional front-facing desks and chairs for more modern desks to encourage student participation in the classroom. You may consider modular options that are easy to reconfigure throughout the day. Some options are:

  • Chairs and tables with casters that make it possible to facilitate individual and break-out group learning
  • Trapezoid-shaped tables with vast configurations
  • Comfy furniture in the areas where students relax and socialise
  • Chairs with adjustable height that students can use in different countertop heights

Lighting Adjustments

Lighting can enhance interior design for schools significantly. However, making lighting an afterthought means your space and students will suffer. First, you need to ensure your electrical wiring is correct and light fixtures installed in the appropriate places. Good lighting enhances the performance of your space and makes it appealing and inviting, minimising the risk of eye problems.

Therefore, different spaces will require different lighting to achieve adequate lighting. For instance, the conference hall where you hold your Aus Fundraising will require more lighting than a single classroom or washroom. Therefore, it is advisable to consider the size of your space before installing lighting.

It would help if you made sure that the eyes of students and teachers are not prone to eye problems resulting from too-bright lights. Invest in lighting that brightens and dims following natural light cycles.

Use Graphics

Graphics include artwork and signage and are essential in reinforcing a sense of belonging and pride. Environmental graphics allow the awakening of creative geniuses through the use of colour, murals and artwork and provides an avenue for positive messaging

It is an effective way to push students to think creatively and fosters intuitive wayfinding. You can allow spaces for your students to showcase their accomplishments and environmental graphics that promote positive messaging.

Finally, it is essential to incorporate a school design to foster an active learning environment that positions your students to tremendous success.


Some of the ways to enhance the interior design of schools can be expensive but are worth every penny at the end of the day. Their impact on the behaviour and engagement of students is significant. Also, remember to embrace technology through the use of screens, apps and other devices relevant to the efficient and effective operations of your institution.