This past year has been one that we are all going to remember. House moving trends were particularly interesting in 2020. So will those rends continue? And what were they?

The way that we live and work has changed for the foreseeable future. So with more time at home, you may have started to rethink where you live and where you want to be based? Maybe you’re contributing to the new house moving trends.

If you no longer need to commute to a certain area, and plan to work from home all the time now, you could definitely think about moving elsewhere. But what are some of the reasons that you might choose to move home?

Last year, it was found that nearly a quarter of people that moved, did so for family reasons. So whether that was needing to be closer to family or to get a home that is larger for a new baby on the way, it is a big factor to consider when moving. Last year only 18% of home movers moved because of employment reasons, and only 15% moved because they were buying and moving into their first home. Will this trend carry on? It will be interesting to see how things change, as we start to get back to normal, at least a new kind of normal.

 Check out this infographic to find out about more house moving trends from 2020; is there anything that surprises you? One of the biggest surprises is that it can take around ten weeks to move home, all in all, so something to consider if you are making 2021 the year of moving home. It would be great to hear what you think.

Infographic by Geelong Removalists