Dry skin is a nuisance. It can itch, flake, and even split. When you’re in a hurry in the shower, it’s tempting to just grab your soap bar and get on with it.

But chances are it’s your soap that’s causing or exacerbating your dryness. If your skin is suffering, it’s time to take extra care and bring it back to beautiful once more.

It makes sense to use natural skin care products when your skin is extra sensitive. The dryness you’re experiencing can be caused by many things. Hypothyroidism, asthma, and anaemia are just some of the common conditions that cause dry skin symptoms. But even when you have these issues under control, your skin can still be sensitive to harsher shower gels, soaps, and moisturisers. You need to find the right naturally sourced product for your skin to reduce the dry condition.


Start by gently removing the top layer of your dry skin. If it’s broken and sore, wait for it to heal before treating it with anything. You may need to use something like a nappy rash cream to protect it if it is exposed. When it is better, use a gentle exfoliator. I use and recommend Sanctuary Spa Warming Micro-Brasion Polish.

It could be that buffing is too aggressive at this stage so leave it for now. Rinse the product thoroughly and then pat dry. After that, it’s time to use a suitable moisturiser.

Soaking your dry skin can help in some cases. The water can be quite drying, though, especially if you add products to the bath that are too harsh for your skin type. Never use water that is too hot because sensitive skin is prone to redness with lots of heat. And if your skin is dry, try not to shave as this can strip the skin of its natural oils.


Consequently, moisturising is an essential part of good skin care when you have dry skin. However, finding the right moisturiser for you can be tough. There are many products that claim to give you several days of hydration. Maybe this leaves a lot of product on your skin even after you have cleansed which can aggravate sensitive skin. It’s best to use lighter products that can be removed and replenished as you need.

Some food intolerances can lead to skin drying out as well. If you know you have a food intolerance it’s worth exploring if you are sensitive to other foods as well. While paler skin tones tend to be more prone to dryness and sensitivities, darker skin can also suffer and be more uncomfortable. If you are concerned about your skin condition, see a skin specialist.

Detergents used on your clothes, and even the fabric, can aggravate skin. It is possible to use natural fibers to reduce the problem. Of course, the dying process can include chemicals that aren’t right for you as well. It’s difficult to live life away from chemicals and irritants. Instead, try a barrier cream for your skin type to help protect it. Take care of your skin, and it will reward you with a glowing beauty.

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