People who are positively glowing exude strength, confidence playfulness, and a harmony with life. You probably know people like this. But how do they get that way?

You know when you are on a plane and the flight attendant says “When the oxygen mask is released ensure your own mask is secure before helping others”? Well, that’s an adage for life. Unless you are OK and healthy you can’t help others. And that’s the same for every adult and every parent. You can’t effectively care for your children if you aren’t positively glowing.

Where does care start, though! To be honest, there isn’t a real ‘starting point.’ However, it is good to focus on your stress levels first. Take a step back to assess situations and relax your mind. Then you can focus on other areas. But the mind needs to be in good order, and after a hard day at work, some self-care like a good soak in the bath might be just the thing you need.

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Positively Glowing With A Hobby

Looking after yourself involves a variety of actions: keep fit, keep yourself groomed and keep your mind well. By relaxing and finding ways to decompress after a hard day or week is going to do wonders for your mental wellbeing. Take up walking or water sports, whatever takes your interest. Just ensure you have the right equipment and you’re doing something you love – that’s the trick!

Even just five minutes of pure relaxation can be a great help. Taking up a hobby or just enjoying a good book or magazine can help you escape. Whether it’s half an hour or a whole evening, make sure you get some ‘you’ time in and you’ll start positively glowing in no time.

Positively Glowing By Relieving Stress

Stress is terrible and it can come from all avenues – our personal lives and at work. From a bad day at work to mess at home, it can all build up. It is so very important to not only find ways to cope with stress, but ways in which we can also release it. Keeping stress inside you is a recipe for disaster and it can do terrible things to your body. Stress is a known trigger of coldsores, acne, and other issues. It can also cause your heart some serious problems. One of the best ways to get away from stress is to simply do that; get away – a small walk or even a vacation can be a great idea if you’re feeling under pressure.

Gardening is a great stress reliever. From vigorous weeding to planting new flowers, spending time in the garden can be very relaxing. And rewarding, because you then benefit from seeing the fruit of your labour.

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Positively Glowing with Confidence

Looking good is a hard goal to achieve sometimes, and it can be even harder to feel good. But it shouldn’t be hard to take care of our appearance because we all deserve to look, and feel, at our best at all times!

Where do you start with looking good? Well – the best way to boost your self-esteem is to book in for a good haircut. It’s a great way to kickstart your new regime. This will give you the impetus to go on and keep your self-care standards high! Of course, if your hair is in top notch condition, you might look to achieve a brilliant white smile with a group like Platinum Smile Dental Clinic or even something like a manicure or pedicure to get you started. This is then followed by daily things – moisturizing, clipping, plucking. You know the drill – but keeping a fresh face and a groomed appearance is a great way to keep yourself in good condition, it just takes a little action each day.

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Positively Glowing with A Good Diet

Pride in your appearance can also be achieved through exercise and health. Good exercise will make you feel good and, if you’re out of shape, it will help you look good as well. Nothing hectic, just a few miles on a treadmill or bike each week is a great place to start. Then you can look at weight training or ways to intensify your workout schedule. Of course, working out isn’t the be all and end all of fitness, a lot of the work comes in your diet. As a parent, it can be hard to find the time to eat well, but improving your dietary habits is a good idea and if you can pass it onto your kids, even better!

Removing processed meats, sugars, and other bad foods is a good idea, but simply increasing your intake of vegetables, proteins, good fats and fiber is a great starting point too. You can work your way up from there. Do allow yourself some treats, just make sure your diet is balanced too heavily in their favor! Stop snacking as well, that won’t help you! Stick to regimented meals and small portions. Try a meal home delivery service and you won’t even have to think about what to prepare. Just enjoy the delicious fresh food.

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It’s hard to get into good condition, but the effort is worth it! Just start doing favors for yourself each day and don’t let yourself go! As we get older it’s easier to do just that, but you deserve to be in the best condition possible, so fight for that.