The desire to create space can be a dilemma in modern homes. Many people around the world live in small or period homes that are not designed for modern life. And it’s not just storage. Our modern lives demand both privacy and communal spaces drenched in sunlight and fabulously functional.

If you are struggling with storage or how to create space, there are several design options to make the most of your home without moving. There are options for different budgets to help you gain more comfort and function from your home.

Create Space With An Extension

The most obvious choice when you are short of space is an extension. Do you have a vacant room next to a kitchen or living space? Knocking out a wall and extending the room is a popular choice for a budget extension.

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However, if you don’t have an adjacent room consider how you can revise your floor plan for the best results. Extending your home might involve adding more space to your kitchen or living space, or a two story extension that will take more work and require a larger budget.

Transform Unused Spaces

One of the best ways for transforming your space without getting yourself into a huge expense is by putting unused or redundant rooms to better use. For example, if you have too many bedrooms, can you transform one into a dining room, a home office or even a library?

See our article on turning a spare room into a library.

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Whether you have a pantry in a period home that you are just using for storage or a corridor or landing that is simply too big for the purpose, you can turn them into useful living spaces with a little creativity.

See our article on creative ways to use a closet for a home office.

Create Space By Transforming Your Outdoor Living

If you simply can’t squeeze more space into your home and don’t have the money for extensions, consider transforming your outdoor space into a functional living area.

Regardless of how much outdoor space you have, utilising it better will give you more flexible living and entertaining areas. Even adding two chairs and a small table to your balcony will gve you more space to use.

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Requiring a slightly bigger budget couold be to simply put a roof over your patio. The cheapest option is wooden open slats and then grow vines or jasmine over it to create shade in the summer. However, bigger projects include building a new pergola, a decking area or a glassed-in conservatory or orangery.

These types of places provide extra living and seating, storage and a delightful place to chill close to nature in the summer.

Loft Conversions

You may be surprised at how much space you have in your loft or attic. Your roof space often provides the perfect place to renovate for a bedroom, bathroom, home office, games room or study space.

See our article on multi-generational spaces creating privacy and independent living with conversions.

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Loft conversions are generally much cheaper than extensions, but you will have to talk to a structural engineer, especially if your home was built several decades ago.

You might need to modify the roof and install lighting windows, therefore talking to a builder before making plans is essential.

Open Plan

Open concept homes are now hugely popular as home owners embrace natural light and the feeling of spaciousness even in smaller homes. Can you rearrange your floor plan and knock out some walls? Is your period home cursed with dark rooms and useless corridors?

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A builder and an interior designer will help you to decide which walls can be removed, where windows can be installed and how to decorate to create intimacy, comfort and functionality.

We all struggle with space from time to time. To make sure that your home suits your changing needs, consider one of the above options.

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Plush Design Interiors, 3D sketch of a rooftop garden concept for a client. This is part of my 3D floor plan service.