A barbecue brunch is the perfect way to start the weekend regardless of whether it’s just you or if you invite over a few friends.

Brunch is without a doubt one of the best meals of the day, especially on the weekend. It’s a time when you can eat and drink at a leisurely pace and really enjoy catching up. Adding a barbecue brunch into the mix just makes sense because it gets you outdoors to sample the subtle smoky flavor that only a charcoal grill can create.

If you like the sound of a brunch barbecue, but you don’t know what to cook, here are some great ideas that you and your brunch guests will all love:

Barbecue Brunch Idea #1: Grilled Salsa and Eggs

If eggs are your go-to brunch dish, but you want to spice them up and show off your amazing barbecue skills, why not make your own grilled salsa? If you have a good barbecue like the one’s at www.bbqsplus.com.au/, making grilled salsa, by grilling your chilies and tomatoes before completing your favorite salsa recipe is simple and effective. It’ll be sweet, smoky and more delicious than you can imagine.

barbecue brunch

Barbecue Brunch Idea #2: Melon Grilled Salad

What could be more classic than a melon salad for brunch? Of course, if you’re throwing a barbecue brunch you need to create a twist, and that’s easy to do by lightly grilling your fruit on the barbecue to give it more depth.

barbecue brunch

Barbecue Brunch Idea #3: Grilled Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel

Where would we be without brunch bagels? They’re warm, delicious and extremely comforting, especially when they’re filled with your favorite cream cheese and cured salmon that has been expertly grilled on the barbecue. If you don’t know how to cure salmon for grilling, go over to http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/homecuredsalmon_66103, which will tell you everything you need to know about the process and ensure that your salmon is amongst the best you’ve ever tasted.

Barbecue Brunch Idea #4: French Toast with Raspberry Compote

French toast is another brunch classic that can be made even better by cooking it on the grill. It can also be enhanced by using high-quality sourdough bread and serving it with homemade raspberry compote and a little natural yogurt. YUM!

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Barbecue Brunch Idea #5: Toast

Of course, not everything you cook has to be fancy. In fact, one of the best barbecue brunch dishes is the humble piece of toast. Cooked over a flame grill, it will take on a stronger smokier, flavor than usual, and will taste great simply smothered in butter. If you like your bread, but you want to do something a bit more substantial, opt for a chargrilled cheese sandwich with jalapenos.

Barbecue Brunch Idea #6: Fruit or Vegetable Kebabs

If you or one of your guests is a vegetarian, the humble fruit or vegetable kebab is always a winner. Even the blandest vegetables can be transformed by being cooked on a grill and then tossed in a flavorful dressing. Take a look at http://www.marthastewart.com/274751/perfect-grilled-vegetables If you want to ensure that your grilled vegetable kebabs are perfect every time.

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Are you a seasoned barbecue brunch eater? What are your best dishes? Do you have any tips for cooking brunch on the grill?

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