Your house is supposed to reflect your personality and fit in with your lifestyle.You’re house proud and love to style it with new ideas, and you don’t follow every trend (let’s hope you don’t), right?

Yet there’s always the cleaning and decluttering to be done. Shakira got it right when she said ‘hips don’t lie’ but maybe your house is telling lies about you. No matter how much daily housework you do, there are certain things around your house that can be letting you down. It’s like a constant nagging “but I just cleaned it yesterday’ mantra.

When you are planning on sprucing up your house or doing a touch of redecorating, it’s always good to start off by cleaning first – but a lot of us forget the important things that make our homes look sparkling.

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Check the Lines

Whether in your kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere in your home, the grout that lies in between your tiles can get dirty pretty quickly. If it has gone past the stage of a quick wipe down to remove built up grime, find a professional on a website such as who will be able to get your tiles looking brand new again. Your tiles may not even be that old. However, dirty grout can make them seem that way. Dirty grout can introduce mould and other unsightly staining bacteria if you don’t get the problem under control.

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Give It A Wipe

Door frames and skirting boards will need constant once-overs to keep them looking their best. They are ideally located to attract dust (and pet fur) and attract dust they will. Even if you have wiped them over the day before, they will almost certainly still have a thin layer the next day. Most skirting is white, which has no problem showing up dirt and scuff marks. It’s an irritatingly mundane job, but if you get into the habit of cleaning them at least once every two days, it’ll leave the rest of your home looking sparkling. You never really understand the importance of clean door frames and skirting boards until you realise the impact it has on making your home look neat!

TIP: When wiping down your house door architraves, add peppermint oil to the cloth and this will also repel spiders.

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Let It Shine

Anything in your house that is guilty of showing up fingermarks needs to be routinely wiped to make it shine, or at least LOOK clean. This can be anything from your bathroom mirror to the TV. If you walk into a clean bathroom but there are fingerprints on the mirror and other reflective surfaces (taps are a good example), it can set off the whole balance of the room and make it appear grubbier than it actually is. Baby oil on taps can help them to shine, and window cleaning solution on mirrors will leave them streak-free and able to give a perfect and true reflection. Remember to not just limit yourself to the insides of your house.

TIP: Use baby oil to help chrome tapware shine.

Baby oil on taps can help them to shine, and window cleaning solution on mirrors will leave them streak-free and able to give a perfect and true reflection.The best window cleaning cloth is newspaper – you’re probably going to chuck it out anyway, and newsprint is PERFECT for window cleaning.

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Don’t just limit yourself to the insides of your house – windows can attract a lot of dirt, both from the outside and the inside. Ensure you clean both sides aiming to get it so clean that it doesn’t appear that there is even a window there. That, or so clean that any light bounces off it and bedazzles whoever is admiring your perfect house.

Home Styling and Decluttering

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