Last minute Xmas shopping is on the minds of many people. Can you believe the big day is less than a week away? Like many, though, you probably haven’t had the time to get all you need.

If you venture to the shops you’ll find lots of cars, lots of shoppers, lots of shopping challenges. So, here are some savvy tips for last minute Xmas shopping.

Order Online for Good Delivery Times

Online shopping is a godsend at any time of the year. But for last-minute gifts, must-haves, and essentials at Christmas, it’s your best friend. Assuming, of course, you order early enough to beat post services and get a good delivery slot, you can make getting what you need pretty easy. For instance, fragrances from an online perfume shop like Lore are popular this time of year. Even so, some online retailers still manage to offer you same-day delivery for Xmas gifts.

Have a Plan of Attack

During the holiday season, there can be a mad rush at the stores. This means spending a lot of time walking around the center of a city. Create a list of everything you require and where you can get it before you leave the house. So, you can plan a route to make Christmas shopping go more smoothly. And if you can, try to go shopping early in the day instead of late. The shelves will have been fully stocked overnight, and there will be fewer people earlier in the morning.

Get Gift Wrapping when Last Minute Xmas Shopping

Some people love it, while others can’t stand it. But it can take almost as long to wrap Christmas gifts as it does to buy them. But a lot of big shopping malls, department stores, and well-known stores offer free gift wrapping. Which is a big plus if you don’t mind having to wait for a while. Some online stores that sell things through the Internet, called eCommerce stores, will also do this for a small fee. Most of the time, it’s worth it because a professional wrap looks gorgeous.

Play It Safe with Gift Cards and Vouchers

Some people are hard to buy gifts for. There are more than you might forget. So vouchers and gift cards are always a good idea for a last-minute gift. They aren’t as impersonal as money, and they show that you at least gave it some thought. Still, some people like them because they let them get what they want. For example, kids love getting PlayStation gift cards because they can use the money to buy a new game they want, which can be pretty expensive these days.

Consider Regifting to Save Time and Money

Almost everyone has gotten a gift they didn’t like at some point. So, regifting is giving a gift to another person. But you shouldn’t feel bad about regifting because you’re giving someone else a gift they’ll enjoy. Unless, of course, you’re giving the gift you got last year back to the person who gave it to you. But if the gift is re-given, it will go to someone who will use it and enjoy it. The real shame would be in simply throwing away a perfectly fine gift that can be used.


We’ve all had last minute Xmas shopping experiences. And it’s never good. But you can make the burden easier with online ordering, gift wrapping services, and regifting presents to others.