Are you looking to add that extra dimension of design to your bedroom? Here are two tips you’ll LOVE (and they are budget-friendly).

Adding a load of furniture or trinkets to your bedroom will make it feel cluttered. The balance between useful items and a stylish look can be difficult.

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For many, the bedroom is the first place that gets redecorated or redesigned. For others, it’s a last minute thought with not much detail.

Regardless of your situation, there’s no reason you can’t take a few easy steps to bring some unique character to your bedroom. If you’re looking to do precisely that, then keep on reading.

Your Bedroom Needs A Feature Wall

Do you want that bright, bold colour but don’t want to take the leap of faith? A feature wall might be the perfect option for you.

You can add that touch of colour with a feature wall and go for a colour or wallpaper you wouldn’t typically use on a whole room. The days of magnolia and white are over.

You don’t want your bedroom looking lacklustre and dull. Bring in some life.

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Head down to any good hardware store to pick up some paint or wallpaper. You’ll find that as feature walls are growing in trend, you’ll find pots of paint specifically for feature walls; just the right amount and right colour for the job.

You won’t have to waste any money on excess paint and won’t have to worry about buying too little.

If a wallpapered feature wall is what you’re after, don’t worry about the whole wallpaper glue situation, those days are over.

Also on offer are easy to apply wallpapers rolls. Just peel off the back, and the adhesive is all already there for easy application to your wall.

For a beautiful range of wallpapers and murals that are easy to install and remove, see Fancify Wall Murals.

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Make sure you pick the right wall! The feature wall has to make sense, think carefully about which wall will take on your chosen colours. Usually, it’s the wall you see when you first walk through the door. However, don’t choose a wall cluttered with windows and doors as you’ll lose impact.

It is advisable that the wall has some natural sunlight. This will bring out the true colours, and add that extra dynamism you’ve been looking for.

Your Bedroom Needs Furniture

Typically, you have the basics in any bedroom – a bed, chest of drawers, a wardrobe, bedside table or even a chair. While it’s usually essential that you have these items, it’s not essential that they’re old and out of place.

Changing up your usual furnishings is a great way to add your touch of design. You don’t have to stick with what you’ve got; these items are usually overlooked in the process of redesign.

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Granted, you might not want to fork out for a new bed or mattress, but perhaps your bedside tables could do with a changeup.

They’re utilised daily and take front and centre stage alongside your bed, so this could be a budget-friendly way of making those much-needed changes.

It’s easy to sand down and repaint your other wooden furnishings as a little DIY project for yourself. This way, you can tailor your items to exactly how you want them.

Easy to use and with stylish colours, Autentico chalk paint is a game-changer for DIY so contact Jane Brereton at Plain Jane Furniture. Jane also runs workshops and can give you all the help you need.

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Or head down to your local hardware store, pick up some sandpaper and furniture paint, and you’re off. The sanding is the hard part! But after that, it’s plain sailing.

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