I love finding new jewellery ranges especially from local artisans. Xada Jewellery has become a firm favourite of mine because it’s locally made (in Melbourne), is elegant & eyecatching, and is not expensive (yet is of high quality).


Louise Ambry is a self-confessed jewellery addict (aren’t we all) but she has channeled her obsession into a business, and we are the winners.Louise draws inspiration for her hand-crafted bracelets and necklaces from her Melbourne surroundings. Each piece is lovingly designed and made using semi-precious stones, silver and leather tassels. Combing unique textures and colours, Xada Jewellery is designed to be worn everyday and it lasts.

http://www.dontcallmepenny.com.auBecause of the high-quality of the stones, silver, and leather my Xada Jewellery has been worn ALOT and has also got wet (predominantly washing my hands when I am wearing a bracelet). My pieces are still as beautiful as the day I got them. And the colour combinations..I have been amazed at how much of my clothing looks perfect with the same necklace. It’s as if the colours change to reflect the garment.

You can also collect individual pieces one at a time and then mix and match the colours and variations. The new gelato range is perfect with the current on-trend pastels – think mint, pink, baby blue, cream, aqua, green mixed with beige, black, even copper. #LOVE


Check out the beautiful, and so reasonably priced, Xada Jewellery now. I promise you will not be disappointed.

PS: I was NOT paid to endorse or promote Xada Jewellery. I just genuinely love it.


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