The desire to work from home has become increasingly popular over the past few years. There are many reasons why this choice is preferred, from lack of commutes to control over work hours. But how can you also save money while setting up your home office?

While many people decide to work from home on their couch or bed, professionals agree that you need a dedicated workspace to be productive.

The trouble is, setting up a home office can be an expensive process. With that in mind, here are six ways you can cut costs when you work from home.

1. Recycle What You Have

The temptation to buy all new furniture, equipment, and decor for your home office is certainly strong.

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However, you really should try to resist. Rather than spending money on things you don’t need, you can recycle what you already have in the house.

If you’ve got any old furniture stored in the attic, then bring a few pieces down. You don’t need a fancy desk and chair to do your work. However, ensure your desk is stable and your chair is supremely comfortable. You’ll be using both ALOT!

2. Visit Second-Hand Stores

If your home is free of spare desks and chairs, pop to a local second-hand store. You’d be surprised at just how cheap you can find office furniture in just as good a condition as more expensive pieces .

Local charity shops are often jam-packed with much-needed items and will be very grateful for your custom. When stores are a bust, you can check out newspaper ads. 

3. Look For Inexpensive Stationery

Some of the most crucial items in your home office are stationery. This may include pens, paper, highlighters, printing supplies, and envelopes. Whatever stationery you need, you can usually find affordable deals online.

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In fact, there are entire stores, like, which rave about their affordability. Before you make a purchase, compare the prices of different vendors. 

4. Buy Essentials In Bulk

Along with stationary, there are many work from home essentials you will need including snacks, tea, and coffee. Rather than make many small purchases each week, make bulk purchases and save money.

More often than not, when you buy goods in bulk, they work out cheaper per unit. Most companies will only charge you one delivery fee too, cutting costs further.

5. Pick Up Orders Yourself

High shipping costs are incredibly frustrating. There’s nothing worse than filling a cart only to discover that the delivery cost will double the overall total. The easiest way to eliminate this cost is to pick up your order yourself.

If you can’t do so yourself, then ask a family member or friend to do it instead. Just remember that you should only pick up your order if it saves you money. 

6. Do Your Own Decorating

A benefit to the way you work from home is complete control over the space. You have the freedom to decorate however you choose, so make sure that you do.

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Rather than spending money on a local interior designer, you should stick with simple home decor tasks, like these at Almost anyone can do these, but, if you can’t, you probably have someone in your life that can help.

With the advice above, you should have no trouble saving money when setting up your home office.