Winter warming ways will help you save money on electricity bills and enjoy the colder weather without freezing… or wearing fifty layers of clothing.

It’s that time of the year again for many Australians. The sun has left us, the cold has come out to play, and we’re freezing ourselves just sitting in our homes. You’ll need winter warming ways to feel cozier.

Staying warm is probably the first thing on our minds during these few chilly months. We need to try and keep our bodies nice and toasty to make it through such a rough period. So to help you out a little, here are some great (and cheap) ideas to keep yourself warm during the winter.

winter warming ways

Winter Warming Ways: Extra Blankets

If you feel chilly when you sleep, then buy an extra blanket or two and wrap up warm when you’re in bed. Just keep in mind not to wrap up too tightly because you’ll probably sweat a lot more. The last thing you want is to wake up drenched in sweat. Alternatively, replace your bed duvet with a thicker one so that it retains heat better when you’re asleep.

Even better, invest in CosyCotton flannelette sheets (like I have) as they are like sleeping in velvet and they retain great warmth.

For 100% cotton weave blankets that are cosy and light-weight, try Canningvale. For heavier-weight and woollen blankets you’ll find a great selection ON SALE at Bed Bath ‘n Table or Pottery Barn.


winter warming ways

Winter Warming Ways: Change Appliance Settings

There are probably a couple of appliances in your home that need to have their settings adjusted for the winter. For instance, if you have a timer on your heating appliances, make sure you set them so that your house is only heated when you’re actually at home so you don’t waste money.

You also want to switch your ceiling fan settings so they blow air upwards instead of down. If you own one, Daikin heat pumps should also have their settings adjusted so that they’re keeping the hot air inside of your home and transferring the cold air outside.

winter warming ways

Winter Warming Ways: Stock up on Hot Drinks

Be it tea, coffee or hot chocolate, make sure you’re keeping yourself warm by making yourself a hot drink instead of drinking something else like juice. If you prefer just water, then there’s nothing wrong with warming up some water with a touch of lemon juice before drinking it to keep your insides nice and warm.

I am totally sold on having a Dirty Chai – chai latte with a shot of coffee. I make it at home with my fave Moconna coffee and Tetley Chai Latte sachets. Juts add boiling water – no milk or sugar required, and it’s DELICIOUS!

Our body temperature is what’s important during the winter, so don’t neglect the value of keeping your body itself warm.


Winter Warming Ways: Buy Winter Clothing

Speaking of keeping your body warm, remember to purchase plenty of winter clothing to help you get through the long and cold evenings. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a jacket inside. In fact, sleeveless vests can be very warming without being weighty. Check out those from Rocky Rafaela.

You could also purchase a pair of comfortable and warm socks to keep your feet from freezing during the night.

If you want to be frugal and save more money on your energy bills, then simply wear more layers indoors instead of turning on the heating. Try lightweight bamboo or cool wool leggings and tops so you don’t feel like the Michelin Man walking around the house.

Try Esther for absolutely gorgeous and sexy knitwear you won’t want to take off. Or Jo Mercer for divine ankle, knee high, and over-knee boots. Very chic.


winter warming ways

Winter Warming Ways: Declutter Your Home

One of the biggest problems with our radiators and heaters at home is that they don’t blow hot air around. They simply radiate heat, meaning the warmth isn’t distributed correctly and you might have hotter or colder parts in your house.

This is compounded by the fact we keep furniture and other objects near the heat source, and this essentially blocks the heat from spreading around. If you want to make the most of your central heating, declutter your house and stop blocking the radiators!

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