Do you love a good throw? I’m sure I have too many but they are hard to ignore. Whether you have summer or winter throws, or both, they add colour, texture, and interest to decor not to mention their ‘snugglability’.

If you are looking for a quick and easy decorating option then throws are the answer. Because we are moving into the cooler months, I’ll focus on winter throws. You’ll find throws in many different textiles from high quality acrylic throws (has a lovely range and some are on sale right now) to faux fur (I have bought several from ) and lightweight but very warm mohair ( has At Albans in stunning colours right now).

Winter throws are perfect for living areas on the back of a sofa, on the arm or slung over an ottoman. It makes them easy to grab for a winter snuggle while reading a book or watching a movie – fire a blazing, glass of wine in hand. And they translate to the garden on cooler afternoons when you need fresh air but also warmth.

In the bedroom, winter throws they can also be slung casually over furniture, laid on the end of the bed, tossed over a chair or folded neatly in colourful displays. I have a sofa in my bedroom over which two or winter three throws are casually ‘arranged’ and another two on the bed. My dog loves them – a little too much – and they are so handy for wrapping around your shoulders when having a morning coffee in bed.

I also find in particular very handy as they are lightweight, so can be taken outside easily, and they are very warm. If you are having friends over for an evening BBQ, sling them over the backs of dining chairs for guests to use when the sun goes down.

Throws are universally and trans-seasonally useful and appealing. For winter throws you’ll love check out Pottery Barn, Laura Ashley, Bed, Bath ‘n Table and Zanui has a great range in alpalca, mohair, wool, cotton and acrylic.

Are you a lover of winter throws? How do you arrange yours? Are there any tips for care you can give our readers?

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Interior Design images from (top to bottom) Nantucket Looms (white chair); (pale green on wood floor); (orange throw above); (lime throw above). All other throw images courtesy of .