There’s something about the freshness and beauty of new life and temperate weather that just cheers the soul. For many, with the cheer of spring comes spring cleaning. But why leave seasonal cleaning until Spring?

That’s right, the dive into the home you’ve been holed up in all winter to scrub, organise, and empty it of the dust and debris that has accumulated. This year, though, rather than relegating your cleaning to spring, consider doing your seasonal cleaning right now! 

Time is Relative

Depending on where you live, you may have been stuck inside for way longer than a typical season this year. And let’s face it, it probably shows in your home. You might have the time to finish that project or start that new hobby. However, many of us find it more difficult than ever to gather the motivation to keep our homes sparkling clean and fresh. You’ve likely got more yoga pants than you need, and tons of not-so-necessary products you bought online.Not to mention all the holiday presents stuffed in your closets! What if instead of waiting for the season to circle back around before you start clearing things out, you changed things up inside first? Start your seasonal cleaning projects now.

Spring Cleaning Isn’t Just for the Home

The act of spring cleaning is an act of renewal, not just of your home but of yourself. Spring cleaning is a custom that dates back hundreds of years. While most elements of the ritual are practical, like cleaning away the soot from months burning coal and wood fires to keep the house warm in the winters of the 1800s, spring cleaning also has spiritual roots.

In Judaism and Catholicism, spring cleaning coincides with important holidays that revolve around purifying the home and body: Passover and Good Friday. In Iran, the Persian new year kicks off with a 13-day celebration that symbolises rebirth and includes cleaning everything in the house, even the drapes. We all know how it feels to set foot in a room that has been totally purified and revived; the effect is palpable on the body and mind. So why on earth would you save that feeling for only one season? Each time the weather changes, you can use seasonal cleaning as motivation to refresh your home and your spirit.

You Can Do It

Right now, you may be thinking: “it’s January! I’m bloated from the holidays, the last thing I want to do is clean!” But that’s all the more reason to push yourself forward! The best way to get out of a rut is to give yourself a goal. So, order some detergent in bulk, find a skip bin hire service and push up your sleeves. Even consider adding a fresh coat of paint to your bathroom, or tossing out that old dusty rug for a brand new one.

Factor in some self-care, like a luxurious bubble bath and face mask when you’re done, and you’ll feel amazing! And best of all, no matter the time of year, your home will indeed be your haven. Seasonal cleaning isn’t just for Spring, it’s for any time.