Ever thought about adding a fountain to your swimming pool? Most people install swimming pools in their back gardens and then just forget about them. After all, isn’t having a pool luxurious enough?

But the truth is that you can take your pool to the next level by equipping it with a fountain. These powered devices add moving water to your pool, bringing a host of benefits you never expected without increasing pool maintenance by much. 

So, what are these benefits? 

More Fun For Everyone

Static water is okay (and great for cooling off on a hot summer’s day). But it doesn’t always fill you with excitement. That’s where a pool fountain really comes in handy. These add moving water to the experience, making the whole thing more fun for everyone. 

Kids love pool fountains because they can play with them for hours. But they also help to improve the experience for adults. Finally, you can have fun just messing around and forget about the troubles of life. 

Adds A Focal Point

Swimming pools lack focal points, and that can make them feel a little awkward. They just don’t have something central that you can look at that brings everything together. 

That’s where a water fountain can really come in handy. These immediately elevate pools and make them feel so much more complete. They make the entire look much more inviting and luxurious compared to standard pools that don’t have any additional features. 

Adds A Sensory Touch

Adding a fountain also makes your pool more of a sensory experience. Instead of just swimming through static water, you can get a powerful fountain to buffet you as you swim along. 

This sort of thing can be so much fun. It feels good to get a blast of water as you’re doing laps or just playing with the kids. 

Reduces Neighbour Noise

Neighbours making noise is seriously annoying. You want to enjoy the tranquillity of your garden, but all you can hear is drunk people laughing and making vulgar jokes. It’s appalling. 

With a pool fountain, though, you can drown out their dross and replace it with the sound of rushing water. These noises are therapeutic and remind you that life isn’t that bad. 

Improves The Experience Of Your Pool

Needless to say, getting a pool fountain can dramatically improve the experience of your pool. Having rushing water right there in the pool itself changes how it feels. All of a sudden, you’re having a great time. It feels like you’ve gone to an adventure park

Your Guests Will Love It 

Not many people have pool fountains at home. Because of this, your guests will view it as a real novelty: something they wish that they had. 

It Costs Less Than You Might Think

Lastly, installing a fountain costs less than you might think. Most of today’s units use minimal power, which means that your electricity bill will remain largely the same. You can also get fountains to turn off automatically when you’re not using them, cutting your costs even more.