Do you question why there is so much dust in your home? You’re not alone. There are numerous reasons why dust could be getting into your home from pets to ill-fitting doors and windows.

Sure, you need to focus on your external cleanliness, however, it’s imperative to remember the inside of your home too. Most of all, don’t let too much dust settle in your home, because you could be coughing up a storm later! 

Perhaps you know there is much dust in your house already, especially if you’re forever wiping up particles. If you’re wondering where it all comes from, here are some methods that might help you cope. 

Your Pet’s Bringing the Dust In 

If you’re a pet owner, this could be the number one reason your home is so dusty these days. Pets will shed hair every single season, as well as groom themselves and shake off anything they don’t want in their coats. And because of this, you have quite a few more problem particles in your home than you really should. 

But what can you do about this? You might want to groom your pets more often, usually on a daily basis in winter and summer months, as well as keep them off of furniture like beds and sofas. Unless you can put blankets down to catch the hair as it sheds, this is the price you have to pay! 

The Carpet Collects It

The carpet is notorious for collecting much dust and other dirty, grimey things! And the deeper the thread count, or the ‘pile’, the worse your problem could be. 

All in all, the one thing you need to do here is vacuum a little more often. But don’t worry, you won’t have to put all that extra effort in yourself, especially if you don’t have time to. You can invest in a robot vacuum to help you out here; turn it on, let it run around and suck up any particles left on the floor, and then let it charge in its dock. Simply repeat once or twice a day, depending on if you have allergies or pets, and you’ll have a lot less dust in your carpet to potentially cause problems. 

Your Doors and Windows Aren’t Fitted Properly

And finally, it could be your doors and windows that are letting all of the dust in. Sure, you can let fresh air in by opening the windows, and leaving the doors open to let it circulate. However, when you close them, you expect things to stay out, right? Well, it could be that your doors and windows are a little loose, and they’re letting all manner of dust in. Make sure you get a professional to check on them! 

If there’s much dust in your home, don’t worry – there’s plenty you can do to turn the tide. So, vacuum, groom, and get those fittings checked out.