Reducing your water bills is both great for your wallet and the environment at the same time, so there is no reason whatsoever why you shouldn’t be aiming to do this wherever possible.

Of course, the solutions for reducing your water bills range from the simple, like not leaving the tap on while you are brushing your teeth, to the more complicated, like installing solar water systems from

Here, we will be looking at a few of the different areas of the house where you can stop letting money go down the drain.

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Save Water Bills in the Kitchen

You may naturally think that the dishwasher uses an awful lot of water, but it will actually be less than washing them all by hand.

However, you should make sure it is always as full as possible before switching it on. Another thing that you could try is to keep drinking water in the fridge so it is already chilled and you don’t waste water while waiting for it to cool down.

Also, the same principle applies with hot water – use the stove or kettle wherever possible. If you notice an annoying dripping from your taps, you should get this fixed at the earliest opportunity as litres of water could be disappearing down the drain.

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Save Water Bills in the Bathroom

In the bathroom, you have probably heard this advice a million times before, but it is always better to shower rather than taking baths all the time.

And you should also make the switch to a low-flow showerhead as these use a lot less water and could reduce your bill between anything from 25 to 60 percent.

It is also worth checking your toilet for leaks as these can waste gallons of water on a daily basis! You could also switch to a low-flow toilet if you want to save even more H20.

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Save Water Bills in the Utility Room

Before you decide to wash any clothes, make sure you put on a full load. You can also reduce laundry bills by wearing your outer clothing, which doesn’t get as dirty as the things touching your skin, more often.

Installing a high-efficiency washer is a good way to enjoy some further savings. In fact, whenever you are looking to upgrade an appliance, make sure that you choose one that boasts the maximum energy efficiency.

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Save Water Bills Outdoors

Rather than using your hosepipe all the time, you could collect rainwater for your plants. You simply need a few rain barrels at the end of your gutter downspouts.

This could also be used for other activities like washing your car. For the plants that require more water, you should mulch your garden as this will help them get the full benefit of all waterings.

Though pressure washers are a fun thing to use, you should not get them out too often as they are very wasteful of water.

Bringing down your water bills is something that is worth doing, so use these tips as a starting point and go from here.

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