Wall art mistakes are often made innocently enough. I mean, you just hang a picture right? Well, there’s the right way… and the wrong way. If you want ‘home beautiful’ then you need five wall art tips.

The necessity of wall art for good interior design is absolute but many people still make simple wall art mistakes. Without some form of artwork, a room will look bare and minimal – and not in the tasteful, Scandi-style way.

It’ll be more like the “bare, unfinished, and neglected” style, which it’s fair to say is one that few of us wish to cultivate.

Wall art should be a simple thing to get right. You see a picture; you have space for it on your wall; you hang the picture. That’s it, isn’t it – job done?

wall art mistakes

Styling by Nathan + Jac


Not quite. There is – if you’ll forgive the minor pun – an art to getting wall art to look as good as it possibly can. An understanding of wall art mistakes is essential when it comes to this vital way of finishing off a room. So without further ado, what are the wall art mistakes that you need to make every effort to avoid?

1) Too Many Themes

There are various types of wall art you can choose from: you could go for abstracts, real landscapes such as those you’ll find on https://www.samuelburns.co, typography designs, retro cartoon-esque drawings, and cutesy modern images of animals.

Individually they are absolutely wonderful, but if you put them into a room together – well, it’s not going to work. Try and pick one style of art per room only, so that everything has the best chance of working together in a cohesive blend.

Typography can sometimes work along with other styles of art, but this is very much the exception to the rule.

If you must mixed art styles, at least co-ordinate them with the same frame type or colour to avoid wall art mistakes (and your not sure why)


wall art mistakes


2) Ignoring Colours

If you like a piece of art, then it can be tempting just to go for it – completely forgetting the way the colours it depicts might interact with your other decor.

Art should either blend or clash entirely; anything in between just looks unintentional and messy. At the very least, blend the colours with your existing scheme by choosing a suitable frame.


wall art mistakes


3) Hanging Too Low

To make the most of the height of your rooms, ideally, you want to be hanging your art around eye level (when standing). This draws the eye upwards and makes the room look taller, as well as making it more likely people will pay attention to your carefully-cultivated selection.

Low-hanging wall art will just make your room appear smaller and more cramped, so lift everything up to improve your room beyond measure. Hanging art too low is one of the commonest wall art mistakes.


wall art mistakes

Windows by Stegbar


4) Size Matters

If you have a huge bare expanse of wall, you’re correct in concluding that it needs some art to give it a new lease of life.

However, if you go for a small A3-sized print on a huge blank wall, then it’s not going to look good. As a general rule, the bigger the space you are hanging art in, the bigger the art itself needs to be.


wall art mistakes

Kira Portrait


5) Crooked Art

Finally, invest in a spirit level so you can ensure all of your artwork is hung level; if you’ve never used one before, then https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVsSswu6g7o is a good place to start.

A spirit level is far more accurate than just eyeballing it, which can result in false positives. No one wants to have to tilt their head to be able to get the full effect of the art you’ve chosen!

It’s easy to avoid wall art mistakes. For a wide range of inexpensive or unique art to buy on-line try Temple & Webster, Zanui, Interior Secrets, and April & Oak.


wall art mistakes

Styling by Zanui

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wall art mistakes

Winona by Slasky