Violet Verbena is the VA VA Voom Colour of the Year from Australia’s leading paint brand, Taubmans. So what’s all the fuss about?

I’m glad you asked. Violet Verbena has chameleon-like qualities because it appears to change depending on its environment. This stunning shade adapts to its surroundings making it the perfect partner for a variety of design aesthetics. Pair it with whites and it appears more purple. Pair it with dark neutrals and the smokey grey undertones make an appearance. Check out adding vibe to your home and where this Taubmans Colour of The Year 2017 fits.

violet verbena

Violet Verbena: It’s playful, elegant and calming

“To me, it feels simultaneously nostalgic and modern, both masculine and feminine, and it’s very reflective of where design is heading in 2017” says Shaynna Blaze

Interior design expert and Taubmans Brand Ambassador, Shaynna Blaze, is an avid fan of Violet Verbena stating it’s the new neutral. She says the warm grey tone blends perfectly with different surroundings meaning it ‘plays nice’ – playful in a child’s bedroom while being calm in spaces that require tranquillity.

violet verbena

Which is probably why Violet Verbena is also being seen everywhere from fashion runways and in textiles to automobiles and technology. As Nadine Miller-Vachon, PPG Marketing Director, Architectural Coating ANZ, says “It’s a unique colour that works in a range of applications. We hope it inspires people to feel confident with colour.”

violet verbena

violet verbena

violet verbena

Shaynna’s Tips for Using Violet Verbena In Your Home

  • Step aside, Nanna. Purple is no longer associated with dated interiors. Violet Verbena is a natural progression from the navy and indigo of past years. It’s an elegant and contemporary purple hue that works with Indigo and mixed metal tones such as rose gold, copper, and brass.
  • Violet Verbena is equally at home inside or outside. It’s a seamless choice for indoor/outdoor design whether it’s used in a modern context or added to more traditional designs
  • It’s the new neutral. At half or quarter strength Violet Verbena is mutable enough to complement most decors. At full or double strength it becomes the va va voom feature.

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Taubmans are one of the oldest paint brands on the market and have been painting Australian homes for over 110 years.

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violet verbena

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