It’s hard to deny the timeless quality vintage embroidery pieces bring to your home. Their distinct properties and personalities bring your home to life in a way contemporary pieces can’t.

However, some vintage pieces seem to be more popular than others, whether it’s furniture, lamps, or even media from an era gone by. If there’s one type of vintage piece that tends to get wrongfully overlooked quite often, though, it’s vintage embroidery.

If you thought embroidery was only for white cloths in wooden hoops, think again. Embroidered pieces are imbued with delicate artistry that is unrivaled, and intact vintage embroidery can turn a room from drab to fab.

But those unfamiliar with vintage embroidered pieces might not be sure how to fit them into their current decor scheme. If that’s the case, keep reading; today we’re going to talk about how you can incorporate vintage embroidered pieces into your home decor right now.

Change Your Sheets (with vintage embroidery)

No, we’re not talking about basic hygienic practices, although you really should change your sheets weekly! What we’re talking about here are vintage embroidered wall hangings that can be repurposed as sheets or a bedspread. If you’re looking to add a touch of Old World class to your bedroom in an unconventional way, consider switching out your bedspread for a vintage embroidered wall hanging.

Knick-knacks Galore

You’ll be most likely to find vintage embroidery in old bits and baubles. While these fun pieces can add whimsy to a room, too many of them will leave a space feeling cluttered. You can balance the folksy charm a vintage embroidered piece lends to the room by choosing a bigger, more spaced-out piece, like a map, for example. Embroidered maps or wall art still convey a unique quality while keeping it contained. This balance will only make the room look better.

Vintage Embroidery Pillows

Us interior designers can’t get enough of some good pillows. Not only are they soft and kid-friendly, but they instantly add a sense of cozy comfort to the space that will invite guests in. You will likely have a lot of success finding vintage embroidered pillows, as they’re some of the most common embroidered pieces you can find at antique shops and flea markets.

For the no-nonsense decorator on a money and time budget, instantly sprucing up the room with vintage embroidered pillows is one of the easiest decorating tricks you can pull off. If you have the time, tools, and stamina, you can also decorate regular pillows with some unusual embroidered patches from The Pin Factory. This idea works exceptionally well for kids’ rooms.

Vintage Embroidery Masks

These masks are exceptionally rare finds but may be precisely the spice your living room needs. The trick to decorating with an item as unique and eye-catching as an embroidered mask is to balance it out with more “normal” items. The critical thing to remember when decorating any space is to give the area a sense of balance. Going too far in either direction will only throw the whole mood of the room off.