Vigar is Spain’s answer to boring chores. Colours pop, flower zing and cleaning ROCKS !

Spring has been heralded in with a fun new range of cleaning accessories from Vigar. You’ll love cleaning with the funky florals, vivid colour and whimsical caricatures of the Flower Power collection. When I posted the 60’s iconic Pop Art prints this morning, the Vigar collection hadn’t hit my desk¬† …and when it did I just laughed and laughed,quite frankly.

These little beauties are almost too good to use, but they will make the mundane manic. Cleaning will never be the same. Put a fresh spin on washing up, dusting, sweeping and scrubbing. You may even be tempted to give them names ūüėČ

Protecting your manicure may be uppermost in your mind when it comes to cleaning¬† – I know it’s uppermost in mine. But with the Lulu Microfibre Mitt you can gaze upon an immaculate manicure, with diamond ring, while you dust. Sweeping up minor spills is like a walk in the garden with

Similarly, the hot pink and cool green extra long rubber gloves make washing up feel like a fun dabble, rather than an arduous chore.

Sweeping up minor spills is like a walk in the garden with Vigar’s Palm Held Ladybug Dish Brush that sits on a lush green leaf-shaped pan.

The funky, hot pink flower power microfibre duster is already a firm favourite. I just didn’t think I’d be giggling while getting rid of cobwebs. Yes, I live in the hills.. spiders love coming in out of the cold. Thanks Vigar.

How do creative people achieve success? Find out for yourself.

Not just colourful and whimsical, the Vigar products are highly durable and efficient with ergonomic attributes. Handles have a considered shape and the pink duster, which looks like flower petals, is an excellent dust-attractant and is removeable for washing

Why shouldn’t cleaning be fun? Add a spot of sunshine to your househiold chores. Who knows, even the kids might get involved. Ok Ok… that’s taking things a bit far.

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