If you know me or follow my blog then you’ll know Trelise Cooper is one of my all time favourite fashion designers…Dame Trelise Cooper, as she is now…and it’s not because we are both Kiwis. It’s because she is an awesome designer who has several amazing labels, and she always pushes the fashion boundaries. The Premium Runway was no exception so VAMFF Trelise Cooper raised the bar yet again.

trelise-cooper.1 trelise-cooper.2 trelise-cooper.3 trelise-cooper.4 trelise-cooper.5

Oh, that leather jacket is to DIE for, I love it. In fact, Trelise Cooper designs the BEST leather jackets! Anyway, off topic – once again I loved VAMFF Trelise Cooper and if you see what I see then you’ll understand why. Sigh.

But there were plenty of other highly talented designers on the Premium Runway so make sure you check out Arthur Galan, Aurelio Costarella, Camilla, Macgraw and Thurley while you are here on Don’t Call Me Penny. All images were exclusively shot by Sophie Costello from Pantomime Photography for Stylehunter Collective.