Up-to-date maintenance can save you money and headaches in the long run. If you choose to ignore important home maintenance work, you are choosing to spend more money.. and resent it too.

Whether you are selling your property soon or in the future, you need up-to-date maintenance to retain the value of your property.

A lot of people don’t think small things will matter when they are selling their home. The reality is, lots of little seemingly insignificant things can soon add up to a big headache.

It might be something small to you, but to someone else, it can turn them off of your home completely. So, let’s look at some of the home maintenance upgrades that will retain the value of your property.

Up-to-date Maintenance Means Keeping Your Garden Tidy

You might hate gardening, and a lot of the population will be with you on that one. But it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not because it needs to be done before you let someone view your home.

up-to-date maintenance

It might be the tipping point between them making an offer on your house and not. To you, it might just be an annoyance but to someone else, it might be the thing they love most. However, if they see that you are not looking after it, it could result in you losing a sale.

There are simple ways that you can do this. One of these is just to make sure that your grass is freshly cut and not overgrown. As well as being unpleasant to try and walk through, it is certainly an eyesore.

You could also plant a few flowers around the garden to give it some colour and make it more appealing.

Up-to-date Maintenance Means Fixing Leaking Taps

You might have heard people say that it’s going to be the next owner’s problem, not theirs. Well, if they manage to sell it like this then good for them.

But most people won’t manage it as potential buyers will be turned off by leaking taps. It is a simple fix, and if you know your taps are leaking and you are selling your home, then you should be looking into getting them sorted out asap.

If you don’t get leaking taps fixed, you could end up with even worse, and more expensive, maintenance issues. Such as replacing carpets when a faucet breaks and runs through the house while you are out.

up-to-date maintenance

You may have to get all the carpet replaced or find a water damage carpet drying professional to help you. Insurance may not cover new carpets if it’s a maintenance issue that caused the problem.

Buyers aren’t going to be looking for something that they have to pour money into after they purchase it. Due to this, if you make sure nothing like this is wrong with the house, then buyers may be more inclined to pay more as to avoid this in another house.

If you aren’t too savvy when it comes to DIY work, you can always hire a professional to do the job. Companies like JHFox Plumbing will be happy to carry out this work so that you don’t have to.

Remember, if you want to sell your house, you have to make sure that it is appealing to those who will come to view it.

Up-to-date Maintenance Means Getting Rid of Clutter

One of the biggest things that people have a problem with these days is seeing clutter in a room. While you might think that this is a thing of personal preference, you need to work to their preferences rather than yours.

As well as others not liking the look of clutter, it also makes the room appear smaller than it is. If you have one or more rooms in your house that are full of clutter, you need to start putting this away to open out the space.

up-to-date maintenance

It might be the case that you put it away in the attic so that it isn’t in sight but you know where it is if you want it.

Or, it might be time for the de-cluttering you have been talking about doing for months now. Either way, if you do this, you will find that people are going to be more likely to buy your property due to the large amount of space that it offers.

Up-to-date Maintenance Could Mean A New Lick Of Paint

Last but not least you will be amazed at the wonders that a new lick of paint can do. Like we mentioned before, people don’t want to buy a house that they have to work on.

If you can get your house to a condition where nothing needs to be changed, your house value will increase rather dramatically.

up-to-date maintenance

A fresh coat of a neutral colour paint will look stunning in your home. Potential buyers will like it as it will be like a blank canvas for them and they can imagine all the things they can do with them.

I hope that you find this advice helpful and use these simple home maintenance upgrades to boost the value of your property.