When I saw the new unisex fashion from &SONS out of the UK my first thought was ‘Peaky Blinders’. On closer inspection of the Selvedge denim and handcrafted leather, these creative pioneers have crafted some pretty cool duds.

Even saying “pretty cool duds” may be pretty un-cool, but the end result is that I really like it. It oozes cool. This unisex fashion is the first ever designed by and specifically for craftspeople, artisan makers and other creative pioneers in their chosen fields. And if you’ve ever seen ‘Peaky Blinders’ you’ll know what I mean – cap to boot tweed, leather, chambray, and selvedge denim.

Functional has become very very fashionable with the finest natural materials used to tailor and craft a unique unisex fashion collection.

Phil James of award-winning production company Shadowplay is the founder of &SONS. He says the ethos behind the brand is to support innovation while valuing the skills of artisans who hand down their hard-won expertise from one generation to the next.

“The idea for this project came about when I found myself trying to find clothes that were functional and hardwearing for my day job but also fashionable, comfortable and ultimately something I felt proud wearing”.

Considering I’m such a girlie-girl, I totally respect unisex fashion that seeks to bring together a functional vibe with quality tailoring. And I’m really liking the too cool for school timelessness. I can totally see myself in a tweed and leather baker boy cap, blonde hair tucked under, Selvedge denim jeans with traditional turn up stitched into the ankle, a chambray work shirt. I might even go so far as to wear handmade leather work boots!

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It’s a little like being transported back in time when men laboured in the steel works and worked with horses. Yes, very ‘Peaky Blinders’. The difference being that today men and women will be choosing to wear &SONS unisex fashion because it represents artisan roots, not because they can only afford one pair of jeans.

Heavyweight union overalls are part of the collection and offer practical features such as optional utility pocket and extra internal pockets that are only revealed when the straps and bib are folded down. The tailoring mimics the need for artisans to carry tools; the comb, scissors and clips of a barber, the lens cap of a photographer, or the brushes of an artist.

The new unisex fashion from &SONS caters for a discerning customer looking for classic style and… I have to say… timeless cool.

If you’re an early adopter of fashion then jump on board. The first 200 of each item in the collection will be marked with a limited edition item number by pre-ordering on Kickstarter until September 4 – so BE QUICK! And that’s at a special Kickstarter reduced price.

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