Unique touches in your home show the world who truly inhabits the space. Your personalities should shine through from the way your bedrooms are created to how it feels the moment you step through the door. Try these easy ideas to add unique touches this weekend.

Unique touches are a great way to add a sense of personality to your decor, and often the DIY touches can be the best.

So here are some simple and effective ways to add a unique touch to your home.

Upcycled furniture

A great way to add a bit of unique touches to your home is with upcycled furniture. Why not look around your home and use what you already have?

You may have stored a table in the garage because it didn’t suit your style. Or you are changing the colour scheme and a piece of furniture like a chair no longer matches.

unique touches
Photo by Curology on Unsplash

Reupholstering materials, painting wood with chalk paint and making changes in this way can give those pieces of furniture a new lease of life.

If you haven’t got anything that you can upcycled already, but really love the idea of it, then heading to thrift shops or charity shops could help you to identify a piece of furniture that just needs a little love and TLC.

Creative with crochet

Increasingly, people love the idea of being creative by making something for their home. While you may do this with clothing, blankets can also be a great addition to a living space. They add a touch of uniqueness and creativity as well as giving you the chance to make something yourself.

unique touches
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Attending a blanket school from businesses like Homelea Lass could help you learn the skills you need to create your own. It is a lovely way to add comfort to a living space and to make that room more inviting.

Natural light and making the most of your window

Nothing can beat something that you can get for free. Adding as much natural light to your home is a great way to do it. Open up the curtains, draw up the blinds and see the difference it can make to your home.

unique touches
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It might sound like a simple thing to do, but it can be very effective.

Using photographs to add a personal touch

Finally, use photographs around your home to add a truly personal touch. It could be simple things such as new pictures in frames on window sills or on shelves.

Or you could take it one step further and create a feature. Use one wall in the room, and then add pictures as a gallery in a different way. Maybe a theme of black and white snaps, or just your favourite pictures from old to new.

unique touches
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Display them in a symmetrical layout or create a new display with different sized frames and pictures. For cohesion, choose frames that are similar in colour or similar in frame type such as wood or metal.

This is a unique way of creating a feature wall without the need for paint or colour choices.

Let’s hope this has given you some incentive on how you can add unique touches to your home.

Header Image: Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash