Unique style is not the exclusive preserve of interior designers. Whilst we can all redecorate our homes, does that reflect a unique style?

Choosing a colour palette and furnishings are very personal, so does your home look effortlessly ‘styled’? Would you like it to be? Unique style is personal to you, however some styling tips never go astray.

Wherever you live, everyone can think like a decorator with some expert tips and design basics. Sure, redecorating involves colour choices, furniture positioning, and flow but does that reflect your unique style and the ambience you wish to create?

If you’d like an effortlessly stylish home that looks like you hired an interior designer then this essential redecorating guide will help. In this quick guide I’ll cover flooring, lighting, furniture and soft furnishings.

Important factors also include;

  • the view from the room or home you are decorating – should it be enhanced or minimised?
  • the air flow for heating and cooling
  • the sound generated (wooden floors, loud children) or inhibited (media room or outdoor noise)
  • the light sources with natural light being the most important
  • the space itself and for what function it exists


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Create Unique Style With Flooring

The flooring in any home is a big part of its unique style. Yet it can be a forgotten feature or just an afterthought. With something covering such a huge surface area, why wouldn’t you take some time on it?

This is where transforming the flooring can change the whole look of a room and your home Consider flooring options such as statement tiling or sustainable bamboo flooring which have an interesting design edge.

Flooring must be compatible with what you have on the walls – paint, wallpaper, concrete, tiles, etc. For example, if you have pale walls you may wish to choose a darker flooring for contrast. However, if you want a Scandi look then pale walls with pale floors is the answer.

One of the key elements is to choose the right flooring for the use of the room. Is it high traffic? If so, choose a tough option such as high-quality carpet, heavy duty tiles, polished concrete, hardwood, or terrazzo.

For a Nordic look with pale, painted floorboards use a tough exterior patio paint on high-traffic interior spaces.

Tread carefully (pun intended) with patterned carpet as you don’t want your home to look like a casino. If you want to make the flooring or a beautiful rug the hero piece in the room, then keep walls understated.

Add wall art that reflects the things you love. Also, consider the heating and cooling in your home and choose a flooring to reflect this.

unique style

unique style

Create Unique Style With Lighting

The best lighting in a room is natural light. However, for a variety of reasons – media room, sleeping, creating a mood – you will want to maximize and minimize light at will.

Flexible lighting will give your room a stylish finish. Consider creating a lighting plan which is what a professional interior designer would do.

There are three key lighting aspects; General, Accent, and Task. For expert tips on optimising the lighting in your home, read the article by MatrixLed written exclusively for this website.

Lighting totally changes the dynamic in a room. There is now so much lighting choice you can choose stylish spotlights, pendant lights, table lamps, floor lamps, and even hidden lighting under cabinets to cast light on to benches, or along kickers to shine light upwards.

When up-lighting is placed along the kicker of a cabinet it gives the appearance of the cabinet floating. This is a beautiful option for kitchens and bathrooms especially.

For an industrial look choose metallics like copper, brass, and rose gold. Country style decor may require fabric covered lampshades. Pendant lights are perfect for kitchen benches, dining room tables, and also as a cluster in a corner.

For a Scandi look choose woven or cane shades. Glass is great for modern decor.

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Create Unique Style With Furniture

Furniture is key to styling your home. Strike a balance by having the right amount of furniture in a room for the style you desire.

If you’re going for a Victorian look then overstuffed sofas and picture-frame cluttered side tables may be to your liking. However, if you’re into more minimalist look then less is definitely more.

Balance the furniture with the room size. Don’t put big pieces in a small room or small pieces in a big room. Keep it balanced for the most stylish result.

Add your personality with pieces and colours you love. Your style is also your comfort level so don’t try to style a room that doesn’t reflect what you love.

If you find an old chair at a garage sale and you LOVE it but don’t know where to put it, buy it anyway. You’ll find a spot for it, which may mean moving something else out.

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unique style

Create Unique Style With Soft Furnishings

I am crazy for soft furnishings. Velvet, sheepskin, leather, cushions, textiles – they add such dynamism and texture to a room.

You’ll find many interior designers have soft furnishing contacts on speed dial as there is NOTHING you can’t buy to add unique style to your home.

Cushions and throws are perfect for adding a splash of colour and they can easily be changed each season to reflect season colours. Add sheepskin rugs to the floor or over chairs for a touch of rustic luxe. Recover a second-hand sofa with a beautiful fabric and make it truly yours.

Styling your home is as much about how the space makes you ‘feel’ as how it looks.

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