Unique interiors are those created from the heart with items you really love. Perhaps they were collected from your travels, passed down as heirlooms, or perhaps from another source. Hmmm….

We’ve all been there: moving into a new home and desperately purchasing items to fill up the place. Hardly a plan for unique interiors. It’s a kind of rush to make things perfect. We rapidly scour stores and the web for what we believe we need: a dining table, a bed, a sofa, a desk. The list goes on.

However, most of us simply find something appropriate, purchase it, then feel a sense of regret down the line. Perhaps we find it doesn’t fit in with our desired aesthetic. Maybe it’s just not that great quality. But at the same time, we’ve already splashed out on it.

We don’t want to simply cast it aside. That would be a waste. The key thing to take away from this experience is that you shouldn’t rush into home purchases. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t have everything together immediately.

Sometimes, in fact, it’s better to go without for a short period, but be entirely content with our choice once we’ve finally made it. In short: it’s better to put your home together bit by bit.

unique interiors

Adding one new piece at a time until things become whole and complete.

These are a few ways to make this process simpler.


unique interiors

Where Do Unique Interiors Come From?

Unique Interiors come from Bespoke Pieces

We are often drawn in by convenience. This is why certain stores with mass produced flat pack furniture appeal to so many of us! The problem? Your house starts to lack individuality. That certain unique appeal that makes it home.

People walk in and point out that they have that sofa/painting / lampshade. That or their mother/brother / grandparent/friend does. This is where bespoke pieces can really make your interior design shine.

If you have a specific idea in your head, why not make it a reality? It will be exactly what you want, and it’s highly unlikely that anyone else will have something quite like it.

unique interiors

Unique Interiors come from Semi-Bespoke Pieces

If you’re not feeling all too creative, you can still get semi-bespoke pieces for your home. Take apex table legs as an example. Companies such as this allow you to mix and match certain parts of furniture, creating something that you like from select pieces that are available.

This is simple but still, allows you a certain level of freedom when it comes to design.

unique interiors

Unique Interiors come from Second Hand and Vintage

For authentic period pieces, or simply something a little quirky and well-loved, check out secondhand and vintage furniture. You’ll be able to find this in charity stores and at vintage furniture flea markets and special events.

You are likely to find unique pieces and styles, patterns, or fabrics that are no longer in production today. This is especially great if you’re fond of alternative interior design. You could incorporate numerous furnishings or appliances from a certain time period or simply add a few vintage items to a very modern space to create contrast.

If something has a couple of faults, don’t stress! Most of the time a good and thorough professional clean and a little upcycling can work wonders!

Look out for these special buys. They can transform a ten-a-penny house into an astounding one-off home!

unique interiors

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