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A unique home is one that reflects your individual personality, needs, travels, and style. It’s not necessarily about architecture (although it could be) but is very much about how you design your life.

Everyone wants their house to feel like a unique home. It should feel like it truly belongs to you, reflecting your personality and those of your family members.

So, although you might take inspiration from magazines, you don’t want your home to look like it’s straight out of a photoshoot. You want it to be unique and not to look like it could belong to just anyone.

If you want your home to be something special, you can think about both its architecture and its interior design. Perhaps you want it to be the stand-out property in your neighbourhood that everyone stops to look at.

Or maybe you just want to feel a rush of love every time you step through the door. If you want to make your property a unique home, here’s what you need to do.


Eight Ways to Create A Truly Unique Home

#1 Find an Interesting Property

If you want to make your home more unique, you might first consider transforming a property you already own. However, another option is to think about moving and finding a property you can really make your own.

You might be surprised by how many interesting properties there are out there, some of which might not be classed as residential buildings just yet. But if you find an interesting property, like an old church or chapel, it could become your unique home.

You can use your imagination to look for buildings that could transform into wonderful homes. For example, American barns, old wool sheds, a small factory or mill, etc. Of course, you can also just look for interesting properties that were built as homes.


#2 Build Your Home from Scratch

If you want a new home but you’re not into the idea of converting or buying one, then consider building one instead. If you like the option of a brand new home, buying one that’s part of a development is one possibility.

This usually means choosing from a variety of floor plans and other customisable features. However, for some people, this just isn’t unique enough. You could end up with a home that looks just like everyone else’s in the neighbourhood. Instead, choosing a custom construction might be better for you.

If you use a boutique service, you can make individual choices about what your home will look like. It could be anything you want it to be, especially if you find the right architect to work with.


#3 Use Unusual Materials

Whether you’re building a new home or transforming a property you already own, thinking outside of the box is key if you want a unique home. Using slightly more unusual materials for your home can help you be more creative.

It can also have other benefits, such as saving you money or making your home more eco-friendly. Some materials are becoming more popular for their ability to save money and look trendy too. For example, a polished concrete floor might not be the first choice for many people. But it can look attractive and doesn’t need to cost that much to install.


#4 Forget the Conventions

When showing your uniqueness is what you want to do, you should forget everything you think you know about how a home should look. Everyone has certain ideas of how a home should be arranged and the things it needs to have.

But you don’t necessarily have to stick to these unwritten rules. Who says that you can’t have a dining room in your attic? What’s stopping you from putting a bedroom in the basement? Forget floor plans and traditional rooms. Work instead from a floor plan that has no rooms allocated.

You can do just about anything you want, as long as you have the correct permissions to do it (if they’re needed). Only money and your imagination could stop you.

And this incudes the decor. I used to live in a home that had a stained glass window of the moon smoking a doobie (true story). And that same house had plaster around the fireplace into which the builders had imprinted their feet and hands. It was pretty cool. The house was open plan on four levels with no doors except to the bathroom and my bedroom (and exterior doors, of course). Even my bedroom had a glassless window that overlooked two levels of living.


#5 Find Your Unique Style

There are no rules when it comes to a unique home. That’s the best bit. Tapping into your personality and your unique style will help you create a home that’s uniquely you. If you haven’t been too interested in architecture or interior design in the past, you might not have much of an idea of the styles that appeal to you.

It’s worth spending some time researching to find out what you like. Your research can take many different forms, from watching design shows and browsing blogs to looking through coffee table books of architecture and interiors. Look in your wardobe and take cues from your clothing and jewellery.

Find out about different design eras and trends, but consider your tastes in other areas of life too.


#6 Find Inspiration in Unconventional Places

When you’re looking for inspiration, you can also think outside the box to come up with ideas. Finding your inspiration in all sorts of places can help you think of unique ways to transform your home. Look all around you to find things to inspire you.

You might find inspiration in the landscape surrounding your home, whether it’s natural, urban or industrial. Perhaps a trip to another country will get you thinking about how you can incorporate some things you see in your home. You can borrow shapes, colours and motifs from anything you see, no matter what it is.

#7 Get Enthusiastic About DIY

If you want to make your home unique, one of the best things you can do is embrace a love for DIY. There’s nothing better for adding uniqueness to a home than by doing things yourself. No-one can do anything exactly like you so results will be quite unique.

Tap into your style senses and give something a go – although some projects will be easier than others. You can do anything from painting your home to building some furniture. Some people even get involved in building their own home, but this can be difficult to do if you don’t have any construction experience.

However, recycling second-hand pieces, painting, decoupage, reupholstering, and re-purposing are all within your reach. Source ‘how to’ videos on YouTube, attend classes, or speak to paint shops and craft shops (such as Lincraft or Spotlight) for help.



#8 Be Brave

Playing it safe won’t get you anywhere if you want to create a unique home. You have to be brave enough to experiment and try things that you might be a little unsure of. If you’re not willing to take risks, your home could end up looking just like anyone else’s. You can always undo something that doesn’t work out, so it’s worth trying something new.

If you want your home to be truly unique, you need to think outside of the box. Use your imagination to create a home that stands out.

Header image courtesy of Dig Design (Melbourne)