Transforming your home with budget-friendly ideas may be important if you feel it needs a little sprucing up. Well, you are not alone. We tend to re-decorate some of the rooms in our house between every 5 and 10 years.

Living in the same surroundings year after year can become stale and not in keeping with your needs. This is especially common if your decor is trend-specific. Even if you’re planning on selling your house, it’s still worth considering giving it a style makeover. This will make it more appealing to buyers and will likely translate to a higher sale price. Transforming your home with some budget-friendly ideas makes it even easier to bring your faded home into the 21st century.

transforming your home

Transforming Your Home : Lighting

Lighting can be a relatively inexpensive way to change both the look and ambience of your home. Think about your current décor and what would compliment it whilst still being innovative and modern. If you have a large, open-plan house or apartment, industrial-style bulbs could be perfect for you. Minimalist style bulbs on a copper chain or pipe look great in an industrial minimalist style home. Plus, the industrial look is still very chic.

transforming your home

Have you ever considered having a lighting plan done? If you are serious about transforming your home then think about changing the position of lights to better suit room usage. Or adding lights to enhance the space. For example, replace flush downlights with modern pendants or add downlights under cupboards to cast light on benchtops. A cluster of etched or cut glass pendant lights in a dark corner will reflect light across the room.

Try coloured or painted light bulbs (globes) for a great feature and talking point. These work well in intimate spaces, such as a downstairs toilet or powder room, and also in entertaining areas. Have fun with neon lighting by creating words or highlighting metal art with light bulbs (globes).

transforming your home

Beware of following trends too religiously especially if you’re selling your home within the next five years. Trends only last for so long!

Transforming Your Home : Re-modelling

If your budget is set a little higher, remodelling your home is a great way to give it a new lease of life. In fact, it can completely transform the way you live. This is a great option if you are having problems with the layout of your property (rooms too small etc) but don’t want the hassle of moving to a new one.

TIP: Draw a rough floor plan of your current home but don’t label any of the rooms. Look differently at the spaces, don’t think of them as dedicated rooms. Can you use the space better? Can rooms be used for a different purpose? Can a closet become a home office (yes really)?

transforming your home

A lack of space is a common complaint amongst homeowners. Alternatively, you can now get some mortgages which include funds for home improvement. So if you’ve seen the property of your dreams but it needs a lot of work doing to it, you don’t need to worry!

Transforming Your Home : Art and Walls

It sounds like the most obvious option, but often the easiest and cheapest way to update your home is by giving it a good lick of paint. Generally, paler colours make a room look larger and airier whilst darker colours tend to make a room look smaller and cosier.

Consider different types of paint for your wall to get the desired effect you want. Matte paint is the most common option for interior walls. Matte enamel is very similar but is known for being a lot more durable (good if you have kids). You can now also buy paint which gives your walls a textured effect, such as stone or wood.

transforming your home

This is an effective and cheap way of providing a rustic look to your home without having to knock anything down. Art can also be a great way to give a room a new lease of life. Floor to ceiling art can result in an eye-grabbing feature wall whilst smaller pictures dotted around can transform an otherwise dull space.

transforming your home

Home Styling and Decluttering

If you need help with transforming your home, then check out some of the home styling and decluttering tips here on Don’t Call Me Penny. Plus, we now offer home styling and decluttering services in Adelaide.