Trans-seasonal flooring is becoming more high profile due to hugely popular TV shows like The Block, House Rules, and The Home Team hitting our screens.

So while Australian audiences are inspired to undertake renovations based on current trends, winter renovations may be influenced by styles and materials skewed towards cold weather. However, Beaumont Tiles strategic designer Rachel Gilding says trans-seasonal flooring is a better long-term decision.

“At Beaumont Tiles we are of course biased, but for good reason. Tiles come out on top, hands down, as the best flooring option when you consider durability, maintenance, room traffic, moisture levels and allergens,” she says.

trans-seasonal flooring

Kalkaria Grey 598×598 prices from $84.50 per m2

The Reasons Why Trans-Seasonal Flooring Is Here To Stay

If you thought tiles were cold, think again. They can be the warmest winter option thanks to underfloor heating. However, they also come in unlimited colours, designs, and textures to fit the budget and lifestyle for everyone.

With so many options, it’s vital to choose the right type of tile for your needs. Rachel has great advice for home builders and renovators on choosing tiles for bathroom, kitchen, laundry, living areas, bedroom, balconies, and swimming pools.

trans-seasonal flooring

Majorca Stripe 200×200 prices from $64.50 per m2

Trans-Seasonal Flooring is Durable

High traffic areas need tough flooring. And you can’t get much tougher than flooring that’s lasted a thousand years. Tiles laid by the Ancient Romans are still in use today.

So for flexibility, durability, and beauty choose a tough tile that’s purpose-built for high traffic areas.

trans-seasonal flooring

Tribeca White Brick 60×250 prices from $99.00 per m2

Trans-Seasonal Flooring Is Easy To Maintain

Tiles are virtually non-porous so they tend not to absorb fumes, smoke, and liquid making them easier to keep clean.

Generally, floor tiles need to be cleaned only weekly. A quick sweep or vacuum will remove dirt and grit. Then use a damp mop or cloth and water with a drop or two of vinegar. When you clean floor tiles regularly, you don’t need to use chemicals, soap, detergents or other harsh cleaners.

trans-seasonal flooring

Tribeca Mud Brick 60×250 prices from $99.00 per m2

Trans-Seasonal Flooring Inhibits Allergens

If you live with allergies you’ll know that some flooring can cause itching and sneezing. Tiles are a very hygienic floor covering as they don’t collect pet hairs, dust or mites when you clean them regularly.

As mentioned above, regular cleaning doesn’t require chemicals or detergents so that’s great for allergy sufferers too. Tiles also resist mould and they don’t contain those compounds that can inflame allergies.


trans-seasonal flooring

Shabby Chic Brown 286x prices from $408.99 per m2 and Revival Wood Sand 196×1198 prices from $229.00 per m2

Trans-Seasonal Flooring Offers Look-a-Like Tiles

If you love wood, stone, marble, and other luxury surfaces but want the low-maintenance benefits of tiles, then this will make you happy. Beaumont Tiles offers a beautiful range of look-a-like tiles.

“Wood, brick, cement, marble and stone are the most replicated tiles in the market and have really opened up a new area of choice. By choosing tiles you can have the timber or brick look that you so desperately want in areas you would not normally be able to use these natural resources,” says Rachel Gilding.

trans-seasonal flooring

Revival Wood Turquoise 196×1198 prices from $229.00 and Shabby Chic Blue 286×286 prices from $398.99

You’ll Have Toasty Toes

Under-floor heating is surprisingly cost-effective and perfect for bathrooms and living areas, especially in the winter. In fact, a tiled room will remain warmer for longer than if another heating solution was used.

“Under-tile heating creates a drier environment by radiating heat to all solid objects and the air is warmed by convection. This means a room stays warm long after the system is turned off unlike regular heaters where the heat dissipates quickly,” says Rachel.

Under-floor heating also means no exposed flame or heat bars so it’s child-safe and also prevents mould from building up.


trans-seasonal flooring

Tribeca Grey Brick 60×250 prices from $99.00 per m2

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