Renting a self storage unit for personal or business reasons, is hugely popular because of the advantages and relative low cost.Regardless of whether its for personal or business use, ask these questions first!

From storing furniture to housing office supplies, these units are very useful. To ensure you find the right self storage unit, take the time to ask yourself, and the facility that you are considering renting from, the following questions.

Is The Self Storage Unit Secure?

Always ask about the security of the building where you put the belongings. Are there locks and video monitoring? Do they have security at nights, on weekends, and any other time? You want to feel that your items are safe, and that you are safe accessing the unit too.

How Long Will I Need It?

Some storage facilities offer shorter and longer terms for their units. If you are putting items away for only a month or two, that could affect where you choose to store your items.

Have You Been There In-Person?

Always check the business out in person before renting a storage unit. Make sure that it feels safe and is clean. Also, you want to feel comfortable going there when you want to add or remove items from your unit.

Is the Location Convenient?

Choose a storage facility with multiple locations that have one close to you, so that you can easily access the rental unit whenever you want to do so. A close proximity to your home is even more important if you plan to go to the unit regularly for business documents or any other purpose.

Are There Different Sizes of Units?

Depending on how many items you have and how big they are, you may need a larger unit. Inquire about the sizes available and ask for help choosing the right size. The last thing you want is to realize on moving day that you don’t have enough room to fit everything.

Can It House a Vehicle or Boat?

If you have large items like a vehicle or boat that you are not using right now but want to hold onto, you might consider putting them in a storage centre. If so, phone to ask them whether you can keep the item in question at their location. Storing it in a secure location like a self storage facility can ease your mind that the expensive item is protected.

What are Ways to Save Space in a Self Storage Unit?

Get more stuff in there by using some clever packing tips. For example, make use of vertical space. Storage centres usually have extremely high ceilings, so stack boxes and furniture whenever possible. Also, leave an aisle so that you can go in and retrieve items when you need to from the unit, without having to take everything out of it to do so.

Final Thoughts on Renting Storage

Rather than taking up all of the space in your home, external storage solutions make sense. Asking yourself certain questions, as well as asking the facility of interest details about their operation can help you find a terrific self storage unit.