Tiny lifestyle changes can make a BIG impact in your life. And by tiny I don’t mean buying a new lipstick, a different face cream, or trying the latest ombre hair colour style.

Beauty has to come from within us, and how we feel on the inside is represented on the outside. This is why tiny lifestyle changes can have such a huge impact on our overall appearance. Just getting more fresh air, drinking more water, or giggling with friends  is scientifically proven to make us look and feel more beautiful. If you’re feeling a bit down, or you just want to pep up your style, make some of these little changes and see the huge difference it makes.

tiny lifestyle changes

Tiny Lifestyle Changes: Get Outside More

The fresh air is important for our health – there are very few things more damaging to our mental health than staying cooped up inside. Even in the cooler weather, make sure you’re getting outside, breathing deeply, and seeing the sunshine. Although we should keep our skin protected from the sun’s harmful rays, it still causes your body to produce vitamin D, which is crucial for healthy bones and a happy mind. The touch of colour on your skin – even if that colour is pink – from being active outside can really make you glow beautifully.

tiny lifestyle changes

Tiny Lifestyle Changes: Take Care of Your Teeth

Our teeth are on show whenever we socialise, so they’re a big part of what makes us feel beautiful. Taking care of them on a daily basis is a given, but giving them a bit of extra TLC every now and then can be a great confidence boost. Teeth whitening kits are perfect for banishing the staining that we all suffer as a result of coffee, tea and red wine. If you want that glistening smile, but you don’t want to give up the wine, teeth whitening kits are the future.

tiny lifestyle changes

Tiny Lifestyle Changes: Improve Your Sleep Quality

When we’re tired, our skin becomes dull, we develop bags under our eyes of which the shopaholic in us is envious, and we lose our sparkle. One of the most important secrets to beauty is a good night’s sleep, and it can’t be replicated. If you’re not getting enough sleep, consider your environment and routine, and try to make some small tweaks to see some massive changes in your appearance.

tiny lifestyle changes

Tiny Lifestyle Changes: Laugh

We need to be around our friends – we are sociable creatures after all. But did you know that laughing with your friends can actually make you healthier? It releases all sorts of lovely hormones which make us feel happier, reduces anxiety, and even reduces the risk of heart problems as a result. It also helps our eyes to sparkle, boosts our self-confidence, and it can even make us sleep better at night. Even if you’re the busiest bee, make sure you’re making time for your friends – your appearance will thank you for it.

tiny lifestyle changes

Tiny Lifestyle Changes: Drink More Water

Finally, is there anything that water can’t do? Dehydration looks similar to tiredness on our skin – it becomes dull and lifeless, we get bags under our eyes, and we lose the sparkle in our eye. If you’re not drinking eight glasses of water a day, start today and see the huge difference it can make to your appearance.