If you’re not aware of the tiny house movement then you might wonder what all the fuss is about. Everyone from newly-weds to empty-nesters are eschewing the McMansion and opting for a cute-as-a-button Tiny House.

It might seem romantic to your eco-environmental side, but could REALLY live in one? Yes, they ARE small and a massive downsize from what most people are used to. But with some savvy design advice, you can make a small space feel much bigger. You don’t want to feel cramped and you do want great storage, so here is some advice from tiny house movement experts.

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Have a high window-to-wall ratio

Having a high window-to-wall ratio is imperative in the tiny house movement. If you can see out of the windows instead of looking at a wall, your home will feel bigger because you’re visually bringing the outside in. French doors with glass panels are perfect, especially when they open to a deck. A specialist designer will help you to place windows for the maximum benefit and privacy.

Use opaque glass for interior walls to allow light into your tiny house. For example, use an opaque backsplash that doubles as a wall to the bathroom. No need to be shy, it will either just be you, or you and your partner, in your tiny house when you shower and haven’t they ‘seen it all’ before?

Use every bit of space

The creative use of every bit of space is the most challenging for the tiny house movement. Tuck stools under tables, create storage in a window seat, have a fold-out table, use tables on castors that roll under the stairs. Stairs can be creatively used by using the space behind or ‘under’ the stairs or using each step as a drawer. Make everything work double-time and deserve their spot in your tiny home.

Become your own interior decorator by carefully editing only the most important, valuable or sentimental objects you want around you.

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Minimise the number of internal walls

Opt for open plan inside and minimize the number of walls. In reality, the only internal walls you’ll need inside are for a toilet and bathroom. Fewer walls means your home will appear much bigger. Use decorative screens, fabulous curtains or glass sliding doors to block-off the sleeping area if required. Although most tiny houses have only one bedroom, which is usually a loft upstairs.

Replace doors with sliding doors, to let the space breathe, and have open shelving in the kitchen. You’ll find it hugely annoying to have to take a step back to open a cupboard door when you live in a tiny house.

Use shelves and reflective surfaces

Shelves are your new best friend. Any space can be used to install purpose-built shelving to really maximize your storage.

Use mirrors and reflective surfaces to create the illusion of a bigger space. Not just standard mirrors, but think of highly polished, metallic surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom too.

Add Decking

Decking around your tiny house will give you masses of extra space, especially if it’s not mobile. When the weather is warm, and depending where you live, you can more than double your living space with decking… not to mention the garden. While many people who have embraced the tiny house movement have done so with a mobile home, tiny houses can be a permanent fixture thus giving you more outdoor living.

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