Timeless surfaces will stand the test of time when trends and fads have long been forgotten. Which is why classic finishes will always win over the-latest-greatest… gone!

So if you are building, renovating, or redecorating there are four timeless surfaces to consider.

I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t add fun and faddy elements to your decor. Your home should have fun and quirky elements, particularly things that can be easily changed such as cushions. You might also be a fan of eclectic decor and not want a ‘classic’ look. Fear not, timeless surfaces can be mixed with other design elements. That’s what makes them enduring classics.

timeless surfaces

Timeless Surfaces: Timber Flooring

If you go into an old house that has kept its original features, you will see that timber flooring and tiled flooring have most likely been used. Hardwoods, such as oak, mahogany, and ebony, are all coming back into trend, and it’s a wonder that they ever left. These floors last for hundreds of years, so it’ll be an investment not just for you but for future generations to come. Floating floors will never come close to replicating the warmth, quality, and beauty of genuine hardwood floors. So ditch the laminate and save up for proper timber; you won’t regret it.

timeless surfaces

Timeless Surfaces: White Tiles

Have you ever noticed that white bathroom tiles never seem to lose their durability in terms of style? And don’t even get me started on subway tiles, they are a classic for a good reason; they look FABULOUS! Patterned tiles, stick-ons, and mosaics go through phases, whereas white is timeless. White can be stylishly matched with any other colour so it’s perfect for incorporating in different schemes.

Change up accessories to give your white tiles a completely different vibe. White tiles are versatile, sleek and (possibly irritatingly so) are a good indicator of when your bathroom needs a thorough clean.

timeless surfaces

Timeless Surfaces: Metal Splashbacks

Splashbacks have changed over the years from paint, brick, or tile to now glass, resin, and metal. But it may surprise you to know that metal is a classic surface too. Think pressed metal, industrial looks, steampunk, rustic, corrugated iron.

In 2017, I am seeing this latest hard-working surface in beautiful finishes including polished brass, brushed copper, and weathered aluminium. The installation of a metal splashback will work with joinery and flooring choices because the colour and texture variations are very broad. Not only that, the 100% metals provided by a company such as That Metal Company are Class-A fire rated, which means they can be installed behind a stove. This will give your kitchen wall a consistent look across the wall and splashback.

timeless surfaces

Timeless Surfaces: Paint and Colour

A neutral colour scheme is not about being ‘boring’ or ‘minimalist. Not only is it calming on your senses, but it gives you the option to be bold in colour and design on other things. Furniture, art, and objet d’art around the home can be as daring as you like if they have a neutrally-toned backdrop. That’s not to say that colours and patterns don’t work well on walls – vintage wallpaper is definitely coming back into style – it’s just that these fads drop in and out of trend quicker than you can say ‘redecorate’ … which isn’t particularly helpful or frugal.

Consult a colour wheel and see how diverse the neutral tones can be – it’s not all white and beige. Neutrals can be cooling pale blues and greens, or candy feminine baby pinks. When you pick a neutral you also pick its colour strength. That can be manipulated to be deeper or lighter, perfect for accent colours such as architraves, crown moulding, and furnishing accessories.

timeless surfaces

Generations before us didn’t have the disposable source of income that the majority of us seem to have today. Neither did they have the variety of choice that we are presented with on a daily basis, plus the ridiculously easy means of getting things (online shopping, hello!). Things were built to last back then, and you can find so many examples of this in your nearest antique or vintage store – it may even be worth investing in a piece of vintage furniture, as you know it’ll stick around for a while. Trends change and interior design styles come and go, but stick with the ones that you know will last and you can’t go wrong.

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Images courtesy from Pixabay, Wettling Architects, BKC Kitchen and Bath, Chris Snook Photography, and Masterpiece Design Group.