Form follows function. A space must be practical then aesthetics will follow. So before you renovate your home, think about how practical you need it to be before you start thinking about style. Think practical then aesthetics.

When it comes to renovating your property, consider the bigger jobs first and how functional the spaces need to be. Work out the practical then aesthetics. Decide what you need to run a functional home before making decisions on the new color scheme you will be used to lighten your space.

The costliest part of a renovation can be making changes halfway through because you didn’t think it through. You may have made irreversible decisions and now you need to get a new air conditioner installation

To ensure practical then aesthetics, follow these pointers to ensure that you decorate once and create that perfect room you were dreaming of. 

Make A Plan for Practical then Aesthetics

There is a reason why you want to change the aesthetics of a space. Maybe, it isn’t practical? Do you just fancy a change? It isn’t providing enough storage? Is it too dark?

Understanding the why will allow you to take the time to formulate a plan before starting on redecorating. Jumping straight into any job can result in you having to redo it until you finally get the desired outcome. 

Perhaps you are visual and want to create a mood board, or just generally search the internet for inspiration. Having a vision for how you want the room to look will allow you to plan how to make that your reality. 

You might need to move electrical sockets to facilitate where new lamps will be located. You may want to mount your TV on the wall and ensure no wiring is showing. These examples just demonstrate tasks that need to be completed before decorating commences. 

Make Sure You Have The Right Equipment

Surely you are envisioning a professional quality room, without the price tag of hiring a professional interior designer

To ensure that you get this result, it is important that you have the tools that will be needed. You can’t expect to be able to cut corners and still get the same results. 

If you are going to be freshening up the paintwork, you will want to ensure you have protective materials to keep your flooring and furniture from decorative damage. You’ll need painters tape to keep those crisp and clear cut lines. Plus the relevant painting supplies such as brushes, rollers, trays and pots. 

Make Your Life Easier

You have a plan, you have the equipment. Now you just need to make your decorating process as straightforward and easy as possible. 

Before applying any paint to the walls clear the room as best you can. Not only does this offer maximum protection to your furniture but it also allows you to have the most room and not have to work in difficulty or at any odd angles. 

The tip here is to work smart. Instead of carrying around a large and heavy pot of paint, decanter it into your tray or pot and carry that instead.