Kitchen lovers love kitchen gadgets. Considering your kitchen is the hub of the home, particularly if you enjoy cooking and baking, kitchen gadgets can help make it more functional.

Of course, must-have kitchen gadgets change with the trends. However, your kitchen is a space that allows you to be creative and adventurous with flavours and ingredients. It can also be a great way to entertain your family and friends. If you have been saving up money this past year due to the pandemic then treat yourself to one of these kitchen gadgets of 2021. 

Automatic Hand Liquid Dispenser

The pandemic certainly increased the popularity of any hand sanitizing products. An automatic hand liquid dispenser is useful if you are dealing with raw meat and don’t want to touch tapware. Being conscious of spreading any germs with unwashed hands is vital for our health.

Coffee Grinder

Though it’s nice to be able to go out and meet a friend for coffee, why not get yourself a coffee grinder. You can experiment with different coffee bean blends and create your ultimate cup of coffee from the comfort of home. Given our love of coffee, this is one f the kitchen gadgets we love the most.

Portable Blender

These never go out of fashion, but they are certainly more compact and portable if you want to make drinks on the go. Having a blender is certainly useful if you plan to make freshly squeezed fruit juices, homemade bubble tea, milkshakes and smoothies. It’s a staple that every kitchen should have, to quickly and efficiently blend together some tasty drinks out of fresh produce. 

Butter Spreader Knife

It is particularly irritating when you take the butter out of the fridge and it is not soft enough to spread on toast. This clever knife comes to the rescue instead. With its tiny holes located near the edge of the blade you are guaranteed to be able to evenly scrap off the butter you need without having to wait hours. One of our most unusual kitchen gadgets, that’s for sure.

3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

If you are an avocado lover then this handy little gadget allows you to safely open, slice and remove the stone without causing any injuries to yourself, as they are notoriously tricky to cut open. 

Oven and Toaster Rack Puller

There is always that moment when you have a heavy tray in the oven. You need to just nudge it a little but find it difficult to do with your oven gloves on. Well this cute gadget allows you to push and pull any items in the oven without the risk of burning yourself in the process. 

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Waffle Maker

If you have had waffles when you’ve been out to eat and always wanted to recreate them, then why not get yourself a waffle maker. All you need to do is mix up some batter, (made out of eggs, flour, milk, butter, sugar and baking powder) pour in, and within five minutes you’ve got yourself some freshly made waffles. They also come in mini versions too if you want to make bite size treats instead. 

Do you have favourite kitchen gadgets that you love to use?