Interior decor is as personal as it is varied. There are almost… almost no rules when it comes to personal taste. However, if you’re a novice decorator, there are some interior decor ideas that are fool-proof.

We want our homes to look good and feel safe, and for a lot of people, that means interior decor that feels most personal and comfortable to them. But what if you’re not sure where to start? What if the interior decor you like just doesn’t fit with the home you’re living in? 

Well, no matter what style of home you may be living in right now, or if you’re planning to move into another distinct style of home, there’s always going to be some interior decorating tricks that work. You’re always going to be able to rely on some staples of the interior design world, and it’s important you learn about these right now. So, to go into a little bit more detail, make sure you read through some of the most common ‘one style fits all’ interior decor ideas below. 

Plain Walls that Draw Just a Little Attention

Your walls need to be painted just right, don’t they? You can stick some wallpaper up as and when you like, but it’s the painting that really matters. And because of that, plain, block painted walls are always going to work well, no matter what style of house you’re living in. 

These are walls that don’t draw attention, but give you plenty of feature wall opportunities, and can be panelled over, have shelves or other decorations attached to, and ultimately, are just good to work with. 

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A Good Bit of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is always going to be popular, no matter what home you’re living in or where you’re from. It’s a good way to line the floor with something resistant and durable, but still good looking and fitting for whatever surroundings or furnishing you’re going to put on top of it. 

Whatever flooring you’re working with right now, why not give hardwood flooring a look? If you’re someone who’s been living with carpet for a long time, you know all too well that carpet needs the right wall colours and plenty of cleaning to stay in good shape! Be sure to look up sites such as to find some clear and quality examples of the hardwood materials you should be on the lookout for. 

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Emphasize Natural Light

You’re going to want to emphasize natural light as well. For some homes, overhead lamps are just too harsh, and reveal way too much to the outside world through the windows and the curtains. But when you can hang blinds up, and let the sun in through the slits, you’re going to have a much cozier, more blissful interior scene to work with. Indeed, as long as you’ve got the windows, make sure they can be both easily covered and cleared, to allow the sun in. 

There is some interior decor out there that works with any and all settings you can live in. Make sure you keep track of the points above if you’re worried about not fitting into your home.