Eyebrow aficionados are preaching their beauty bible assertions, and none more than The Eyebrow Queen. Once the forgotten cousin of eye-makeup, eyebrows are now famed for their ability to frame the face. Their appeal has been widely elevated with eyebrow bars popping up all over Australia.  Absolutely, well-shaped eyebrows WILL rock your world!


Have you been looking for the expert top tips for perfect eyebrows? Enter Australia’s leading eyebrow specialist, Carmen Duma, from The Eyebrow Queen in Melbourne. Carmen tenderly tends the brows of leading celebrities including Margot Robbie and Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

The Eyebrow Queen

Margot Robbie

The Eyebrow Queen

Natalie Bassingthwaighte

The Eyebrow Queen

Carmen Duma

Carmen’s top tips for celebrity perfect eyebrows include;

1. Hair today, gone tomorrow. For best results, DO let your eyebrows have at least 2 weeks of growth in order to find the perfect shape for your face. At The Eyebrow Queen, Carmen uses a variety of of brow shaping tools including waxing, trimming and plucking unwanted hairs to follow the shape of her client’s personal brow bone.

  • Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable! Regardless of how hairy your brows are, it’s important to give your brow artist at least 2 weeks worth of growth in order to find the right shape for you.
  • Go up and beyond! Thicker-looking brows can be achieved by always brushing brows upwards. The Eyebrow Queen recommends using a clean mascara wand or angled-brush to brush brows up and away from the centre of the face.
  • Be a powder puff! The Eyebrow Queen says brow powder will achieve a softer more subtle looking brow. Gently and evenly apply brow powder in short, hair-like strokes. If you require any touch-ups, The Eyebrow Queen says a brow pencil may be used as a secondary measure. 
  • Fade like a pro! As with most things in life, less is sometimes more! Avoid making brows too dark and bold. Instead, opt for a more faded look by making brows darker at the tail and lighter at the head. You will thank us for this!
  • Highlight your arch! As a expert final step, use a a soft brow highlight underneath the arch to accentuate the brow shape and achieve the illusion of thicker hair growth. 

The Eyebrow Queen

For more general care, The Eyebrow Queen recommends regular care at home.

  • Tend to eyebrows at least once a week. Over-plucking will occur when the brows are overgrown, consequently losing the perfect shape. 
  • A good cream-to-powder filler is best to fill in brows. Cheap pencils and mascara can make brows looks unnatural. 
  • Always use angled or pointed tweezers to remove any new hairs around the brows. 
  • Avoid eyebrow trends, such as thin or bushy brows. Instead, follow the natural shape dictated by your brow bone for the perfect arch.

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The Eyebrow Queen

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