The Dark Horse is an on-line jewellery store created by Aleen Apanian to bring new and iconic designers together in one place. Little did Aleen know that this would be the hardest thing she’d ever done… multiplied by 20.

Aleen Apanian was a young woman with the I-can-do-anything attitude of her generation. She wanted to create a business to feed her soul, but she quickly learnt that she couldn’t run a business only selling the jewellery SHE liked. Although her parents were entrepreneurial and encouraging, they weren’t tapped into her focus or market.

In this interview, Aleen shares what it meant to her to start a business and what she has learnt over the past four years. But she also discusses jewellery – her passion. She shares The Dark Horse trends that are still current and what we can expect in the coming seasons. If you like headwear, then you’ll be pleased. Architectural shapes, leather and crystals, delicate chokers with multiple strands, and large hoop earrings are all on the stylish landscape.

Aleen also shares some great tips for caring for and storing your jewellery – one of them is ‘GOLD’ and really surprised me.

If you enjoyed the Samantha Wills Podcast or seeing her new jewellery line here on Don’t Call Me Penny then you’ll enjoy the interview with Aleen about The Dark Horse… and the unusual origins of the name.

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