Tarsha Burn knows that whilst many of us seek out ethical clothing and homewares that support fair trade, we don’t change our lives to build a business around it. But Tarsha felt so strongly about our planet, she used her background as an artist and textile designer to not only support herself but a cluster of talented artisans in the desert of Rajasthan, India.

Tarsha Burn has a 20-year history of textile and soft furnishing design in home décor. As a socially motivated designer, Tarsha longed to create a humanitarian venture that would leave a tiny toe-print on the planet.

Tarsha Burn striped bedlinen

Did you know that cotton is the world’s largest industry polluter second only to the oil industry? Cotton uses 16% of the world’s insecticides and is one of the thirstiest crops on the planet. And it’s not just what goes on the cotton, it’s also about what runs off into the waterways harming entire communities and eco-systems.

I was fortunate to interview Tarsha on my Fashion + Home radio show. Her passion for fair trade and helping the planet is palpable. You’ll enjoy hearing about the Tarsha Burn experience and her future plans.

So Organic Bed Threads was born out of a very strong desire to be part of the solution, not the problem, and to channel a creative obsession. There is no question that the bedding, designed by Tarsha is stylish, engaging and dreamy. Knowing you are sleeping on linen that has not been created by destroying the planet is a satisfying feeling. You know you have then stepped out of the role of an unconscious consumer, promoting fast fashion, to one of a conscious decision maker who wants to narrow the gap between buyer and maker.

Tarsha Burn bed linen

Tarsha Burn bed linen

Tarsha Burn bed linen

Our skin can still absorb the chemicals used in the processes of creating bed linen even after washing. This bioaccumulation can actually weaken the immune system. Buying organic bedding helps your wellbeing because you are not being exposed to harsh chemicals while you sleep.

“Organic Bed Threads supports a chemical-free approach from farmer to consumer,” says Tarsha Burn. “I have worked hard to ensure that my range of duvet covers is certified to a 100% Global Organic Textile Standard. Extensive international research has proven that chemical treatments on textiles are hazardous to both humans and the environment.”

Artisan traditions are also important to Tarsha and play a key role in the design of her unique bed linen range. Appliqué, hand embroidery and woodblock printing can be clearly seen in the playful collection which also includes vivid colours or cleverly muted tones, such as beige and turquoise.

Tarsha Burn bed linen

Tarsha Burn bed linen

Chemicals, sweat shops and exploited workers play no role in the development of Organic Bed Threads. It’s been a labour of love and deep commitment for Tarsha Burn who has willingly given up a more comfortable lifestyle to channel funds and energy into her passionate venture. Tarsha is also aligned to the International Labor Organisation which supports a range of global fair trade, equality and labor standards issues.

Awaken to a new day knowing your skin will thank you – especially those with sensitive skin, psoriasis and eczema – and safe in the knowledge you are also helping various communities, from organic farmers to weavers and spinners to become sustainable in a planet-friendly way. Support our environment, struggling communities and your family by choosing Organic Bed Threads. Shop now.

Tarsha Burn bed linen

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