Time for a swimwear update? Does your swimwear collection need a refresh? Don’t panic – we’ve got you covered (or not!) with top trends for 2017.

If you’re tired of the same old styles, you’ll be glad to know that 2017 is the year for a fresh and fabulous swimwear update.

These top trends will give you great inspiration so that you’re ready to rock the pool or the beach and show off your sassy swimwear style.

The cut-out

The cut-out has been a popular style for the past few years, and since the return of the one-piece, it has been a featured piece for many fashion houses.

The great thing about cut-out styles is that even though they are super stylish, they are covered up in all the right places, so if you’re not feeling your best, you can still feel confident knowing you look great.

swimwear update


The slogan

I’m loving this swimwear update. Sticking with the theme of one-pieces, no longer are they just plain color block or patterned. They’re cheeky and witty with various slogans displayed across the front.

From fun one-liners to popular phrases (Hello boys, birthday suit, etc. – see Pinterest for more great inspiration), you can still benefit from all the supportive features of a one-piece but with a little something extra to make it on-trend.

If you’re a bride-to-be or a bridesmaid, you’ll find a lot of slogan styles which are popular for bachelorettes and very Instagram-worthy.

The plunge

One-pieces really are having their day, and plunging styles are great for women who want to show off a little skin, without putting it all out there.

Plunging, low cut swimsuits look great on the beach and can be the ideal swimwear item for different body shapes. If you feel a little self-conscious when you’re wearing one, you can always add a cool cover-up for when you’re walking around.

swimwear update


The custom style

For some women, some styles just won’t cut it. When you’re looking for something completely fabulous, you may want to go down the customized route.

Stores like fellaswim.com offer alterations that will make your swimsuit fit like a glove, knowing that not all women’s bodies are the same and will all fit in the same style.

It’s worth trying if you want to invest in quality pieces for a swimwear update that you know will make you look and feel great.

swimwear update


The high waist

The high waist may be great for hiding rounded tummies and making waists appear smaller, but they’re also incredibly fashionable right now.

High-waisted styles are very vintage and give a classic old-Hollywood look and look great on the beach with a big sun hat and retro sunglasses.

swimwear update

Triple Threat: High waisted, halter top AND plunging. Great for curvy figures too.


The halter/crop

Swimwear used to be all about showing cleavage, but this year a number of swimwear update styles show that covering up can be sexy. These include the halter and crop top styles that you may have seen around.

These styles are great as they offer a bit more support than classic string bikinis. So if you’re planning on being a bit more active at the beach with some volleyball or even just taking a dip, you’ll feel far more secure while also looking right on-trend.

Swimwear in 2017 is bright, colorful and fun so make sure you embrace the latest styles on the beach this year. To complete your look, make sure you choose a pair of spectacular sunglasses to go with it for your most glamorous beach look yet.

swimwear update


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