Swimwear trends are always a popular topic for those who love to flash their fashion forward credentials in the surf and by the pool. It’s not about how much skin can be exposed, or how little fabric can be used. The new swimwear trends are all about style and creativity.

In some countries, it’s that time of year when the swimsuits, and swimwear trends, come out. For others, summer is on the horizon. We’re over the cold so it’s fun to start thinking about relaxing by the water.

Well, we say “relax”, but the truth is that many of us spend more time worrying about what we look like in our swimwear than actually enjoying it for what it is. 

swimwear trends

Like most years, 2019 looks set to be another where manufacturers take the lessons that they learned at the Paris Fashion Show and incorporate them into their swimsuit designs.

And while they’re usually a little downstream of the original, it’s always fun to see the elements they’ve decided to include. After all, some designers think the public isn’t ready for bold new swimwear trends. So let’s take a look at some of those trends set to dominate this year.

Hoops And Rings

Hoops and rings have always been a feature on Hollywood celebrity bikini photos. But this year, they’re making their way into the mainstream.

swimwear trends

Rings are a way of showing off a little bit of extra skin or your breast implants surgery while doing so elegantly. The best rings are made of metal, although some designers are experimenting with nylon (a type of plastic). 


The notion that a swimsuit could have a zipper seems a little ridiculous. But it’s all to do with that coveted “surfer” look.

People want their swim costumes to look like something out of Baywatch, and now designers are obliging. The zippers, you’ll be pleased to know, are on the top section of the bikini, making it easy to take on and off and will. 

Puckered Fabrics

Today’s manufacturers churn out swimsuits by the millions. Most of them are made of some kind of synthetic, petrochemical-derived fabric. The fabrics might be breathable and suitable for use in the water, but they’re not exactly what you’d call cosy. 

swimwear trends

There’s been a rise, however, of puckered fabrics making their way into bikinis. Improvements to the underlying materials technology are driving the whole thing.

Manufacturers have found ways of making bikinis that feel plush to the touch but at the same time have the properties of a regular garment. It’s highly unexpected, but for many, also very welcome. 


Metallic-effect bikinis are making a splash this year. Instead of using sequins or anything glaringly obvious, designers have opted for a more subtle shimmer.

These bikinis are metallic in a sense, but not in the obvious way that you might imagine. Copper-coloured bikinis look far more matte than the metallic bikinis of old, with just a subtle sparkle. 



No frills or frills? This year its embellishments. Lots of them. Frills add a little spice and personality to practically any swimsuit. And, if used correctly, can flatter the wearer in unique and unusual ways.

Frills around the arms, for instance, can help you to express your inner romantic. It’s not all about being as sexy as possible as many swimsuit makers would have you believe. There’s still a role for innocence in today’s mark