A super spacious small home is desirable even when the budget is small and the space is even tinier. No matter how small the space is in which you live, you still want to feel like you live in a spacious home.

For most people, that first rung of the homeowner’s ladder is the most exciting moment of their materialistic lives.The desire is a super spacious small home that looks and feels like a mansion.

It’s the moment where they can proudly say they own a little slice of the planet; a perfectly curated pile of bricks and mortar that they can decorate as they wish.

However, that first home is usually a compact one too, and one that can become so style and space-limited you consider moving.

super spacious small home

If that describes your situation, take a deep breath and pause for just a minute. Because we have a few super spacious small home space solutions for you that are a whole lot easier than you upping sticks and moving.

There are a smorgasbord of ways to make a small home feel far larger, from clever hacks to bigger projects.

So, here are some amazing ideas that will see you increase the living space of your home and delay the upsizing thoughts for a few years. Enjoy.

A Super Spacious Small  Home has Multi-functional Rooms

For some, the dream is to have separate spaces for everything. But, trust me, when you’re juggling a bunch of smallish rooms, this can spell disaster pretty quick.

super spacious small home

It’s a much better idea to combine the functions of a room so that you can enjoy the extra space more.

Take that box room of yours as a prime example. Instead of deciding whether you need a home office or a spare bedroom, find a way to have both by making it easy to transform.

See our article on turning a small room into a library.

Storage Is Everything

Everyone with a smallish home complains about not having enough storage. But that’s very rarely the case.

It’s just about being clever and looking for any dead space that can be converted into handy storage, whether that be extra shelving or shallow cupboards.

super spacious small home

See our article on creating a home office from a closet. Yes, really!

Look at how you can better use the space under your stairs, put shelving above your doors, build cupboards into your alcoves, add some window seats with hidden storage – the options are endless.

Add More Rooms

This is definitely on the more budget-heavy end of the scale. However, there’s no better way to add space to your home without moving than to have a chinwag with an extension builder and discuss the best way to add an extra room or two.

It could just be a one-floor extension to make your kitchen-diner more space-friendly or it could be a bigger project where you add a whole new bedroom too.

Either way, this is a value-add that is worth every penny.

At Plush Design Interiors, I create 3D floor plans and virtual walk-throughs so you can see and experience your extension or addition before a single brick is removed.

super spacious small home

Plush Design Interiors – this 3D image shows what a dining room could look like with a wall shifted and another wall straightened

Space-Saving Hacks

While the internet is infamous for cat videos and getting lost in an Instagram scrolling session, we love it for one thing: seeing what ingenious hacks other people have come up with.

super spacious small home

There’s no better niche than researching how people get the most out of studio apartments.

One quick Google or Pinterest search and you’ll be awash with amazing mezzanine inspirations, multi-functional furniture ideas and a bunch of stealthy storage options you would never have thought of.