I have dry skin so I am always on the lookout for luscious lotions and shower solutions, because I want easy-care super moisturised skin; I don’t want to spend AGES moisturising. Am I asking too much? Doesn’t super moisturised skin need time spent on it?

Not now. I was introduced to Sanctuary Spa, a beloved UK skincare brand, by their Australian PR company. Yes, PR companies do send me products to try. But I ONLY report on the products I truly love; and I truly love Sanctuary Spa. In fact, I went out an BOUGHT more products and have also gifted some to friends so they can try them too.

Shower Solution


I can’t be bothered messing around, so this 2-Day Moisture Shower Oil is the perfect fix. I keep it in the shower and rub a small amount on my skin, all over, before I get out of the shower. I leave the shower running but DON’T drench myself in water after applying the oil. I gloss it over my skin with my hand, switch off the water and get out of the shower. Pat, don’t rub, skin with a towel and you’re ready to glow.

Body Oil


Not only does the 5-Day Moisture Creamy Body Oil smell subtly delicious, it makes my skin feel GORGEOUS! The creamy texture sinks immediately into my skin; it doesn’t leave any oily residue. It smells and feels DIVINE! This is one of my most favourite body lotions so I’ll be using it forEVER!

Shower Exfoliation


I’m a big fan of exfoliating both my face and my skin. Sanctuary Spa have a couple of fabulous body scrub solutions and this one moisturises as it gently exfoliates dead skin. My skin feels soooo smooth afterwards I can’t help touching it. It’s great for the backs of thighs and upper arms that can get neglected if you don’t target them. If you are prone to small spots or those tiny raised lumps then you will LOVE this product.

Body Oil Spray


A spritz in hard to reach paces and your set. The 4-day Moisture Body Oil Spray is great for when you are really on-the-run and need a super quick solution. It’s also great to use with the body creams to add extra moisture to elbows and feet. I spritz a little on my feet and then pop on ankle socks. While I’m applying my make-up the socks warming the oil and also are soaking up any excess. That way I don’t get excess oil on my shoes. Natch!

So if you are looking for easy solutions to super moisturised skin then check out Sanctuary Spa. I buy mine from Priceline and it’s a VERY well-priced product. I feel like it’s a luxury item without the luxury price tag.


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